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Dean Parry


Ashford, Surrey



Business Challenge

LeadingEdge was looking for an intelligent RMM platform that included backend support as well as frontline, end user troubleshooting – all for one fixed monthly cost.


Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM and NOC platform, with white-label Help Desk support.


Thanks to the support and services received from Continuum, LeadingEdge confidently onboards new clients and expands the scope of their services without making costly labour or infrastructure investments.

“Having Continuum Command allows us to be a proactive team, rather than a reactive one.”

Empowering Small Business IT in the UK

LeadingEdge, a U.K.-based IT services and support provider founded in 2000, ensures that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the technology infrastructure and tools they need to be successful, and that systems operate effectively and efficiently every day. In order to deliver those results, the company relies on software, support and services from Continuum.

“The partnership between Continuum and LeadingEdge is very, very strong,” says Dean Parry, General Manager at LeadingEdge. “And it’s only growing stronger. The way they’re getting involved in our business and helping us has allowed us to move forward at a very rapid rate.”

LeadingEdge leverages Continuum’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform – a SaaS-based portal that allows MSPs to easily monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain desktops, servers, mobile devices and other client endpoints. The software intelligently captures device and network information, employing a proprietary alerting system that can eliminate up to 80 percent of erroneous tickets and false alerts.

“Having Continuum Command allows us to be a proactive team, rather than a reactive one,” says Parry. “The portal helps us massively, giving us the ability to go anywhere in the world and support our clients without actually having to be in our offices.”

Furthermore, the platform is directly supported by nearly 600 technicians at Continuum’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC). These certified experts act as a direct extension of LeadingEdge’s workforce, by providing 24x7x365 monitoring, issue remediation and a variety of related support and services.

“The NOC has skills and expertise that our engineers don’t have, and we feel very comfortable and confident when pushing issues to them,” says Parry. “Working with the NOC on a day-to-day-basis allows us to get under the hood with our clients. We don’t have to worry about backend services, because Continuum is taking care of them. That gives us time to drill down into our clients’ needs.”

It’s a model that has not only helped LeadingEdge expand their technical skillset and knowledgebase, but has also allowed the company to grow and onboard new clients without hiring new technical staff.

“Working with the NOC means that we don’t have to employ tens or hundreds of people to look after our everyday IT tasks,” says Parry. “We’ve actually lowered the amount of staff we have.”

Frontline Support from Continuum’s Help Desk

While Continuum’s NOC provides backend monitoring and support, they don’t interact directly with LeadingEdge’s clients. That task is reserved for Continuum’s Help Desk – a frontline support centre that offers 24x7x365 desktop troubleshooting and related services to end users via phone, email or web-based chat.

“Today, we support clients around the globe, 24x7 – without having to worry about an issue at two in the morning in London,” says Parry. “The Help Desk technicians are very professional, and take control of the situation. We haven’t had any problems.”

Continuum’s Help Desk is staffed with more than 125 technicians who provide support to more than 50,000 end users. The service is also completely whitelabelled, helping Continuum’s MSP partners to maintain a seamless brand experience with their customers.

Network Assessments: A Foot in the Door

LeadingEdge also leverages Continuum’s Network Assessment Tool, a solution powered by RapidFire Tools, when meeting with potential clients. The tool scans entire IT environments to capture device and network information, identify potential risks or security threats, and more – and generates a series of reports that can be custom-branded and used as part of a proposal from LeadingEdge.

“Before we engage with a customer, we always carry out an IT audit using the Network Assessment Tool,” says Parry. “That gives us a complete picture of their infrastructure, patching levels, antivirus levels, and more – and we’re then able to put together a much more detailed proposal for the customer.”

Trusted, Local Support from Continuum’s UK Team

In addition to receiving support from Continuum’s NOC and Help Desk, LeadingEdge also appreciates that Continuum has established a local presence in the UK to provide personalised account support and one-on-one time when the company needs it.

“We’ve mostly been dealing with U.S. support since partnering with Continuum, but the company recently set up an office in the UK. It’s really given us confidence and comfort to know that we can contact a local account manager in the UK and meet face-to-face – they help us straight away. It’s been brilliant for us.”

About LeadingEdge
LeadingEdge was formed in 2000 as an antidote to those IT businesses that understand everything about technology, and nothing about business. We know an awful lot about technology – but we’re business people who understand what it takes to make an organisation successful. As such, our focus is not on building shiny new tools, but on helping you to use information and communication technology to support your business strategy and help drive business growth.




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