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Brandon Hall


LEAP Managed IT
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Business Challenge

Generate professional IT assessments for clients that clearly pinpoint areas of required improvements and increase the likelihood of closing on proposals that address the identified needs.


Continuum Network Assessment Modules, powered by RapidFire Tools


The Continuum Network Assessment Modules enable LEAP Managed IT to deliver more in-depth analysis on the health of their clients’ IT environments and to close on a higher percentage of the proposals submitted for mitigating issues that the assessment reports identify. The value of the Network Assessment Modules also enables LEAP Managed IT to charge clients for the assessment reports.

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“The reports that the Continuum Network Assessment Modules enable us to generate help us portray a professional approach with our prospects and clients.”

Continuum Network Assessments Help LEAP Managed IT Generate Revenue—Up Front and After Presenting Results to Clients

For LEAP Managed IT, the Continuum Network Assessment Modules play a vital role at the beginning of every client relationship.

“It’s a big part of our standard operating procedure with new prospects who want to engage our services,” explains Brandon Hall, Director of Technical Services for LEAP Managed IT. “We first assess their IT environment so that as we propose and deploy new services, we can ensure we completely understand their infrastructure and their endpoints in order to deliver superior solutions.”

Once a prospect signs off on an IT assessment, the LEAP Managed IT team goes onsite to scan network devices and computers using the Continuum Network Assessment Premium Module. The module generates a complete set of reports covering all devices, network assets, settings, configurations, applications and endpoint security. The Premium Module also produces an Active Directory site diagram and detailed information that LEAP Managed IT can then integrate into its proposals.

“We also rely on the site survey template built into the assessment modules to take our prospects through a questionnaire,” adds Hall. “This helps us understand how their business works and identifies how they rely on technology. The Network Assessment Modules help make sure we cover every technology that runs our prospects’ businesses.”

After combining the scanned data and the site survey into a report, LEAP Managed IT then meets with each prospect again to discuss the results—including what works well, what could work better, and areas of improvement to prioritize such as security vulnerabilities.

During the meetings, LEAP Managed IT typically discusses three reports generated by the Network Assessment Modules: Risk Assessment—covering security, the Asset Detail Report on endpoints, and the Full Detail Report that encompasses the entire network and environment. The Asset Detail Report, which is part of the Network Assessment Premium Module, has proven particularly helpful.

By discussing the results, the prospect and LEAP Managed IT can then arrive at a consensus as to which issues to address. From there, LEAP Managed IT develops a proposal for implementing the new technologies that the prospect requires.

“The reports that the Continuum Network Assessment Modules enable us to generate help us portray a professional approach with our prospects and clients,” Hall says. “And they are more likely to invest in the proposals we recommend as a result of the reports.”

“After the first couple months of using the Network Assessment Basic Module, we upgraded our license to the Premium Module,” Hall says. “After seeing all of the granular information the Asset Detail Report includes, we can now more easily pinpoint any vulnerability on every single endpoint.”

The value of these reports also enabled LEAP Managed IT to start charging clients for the IT assessments. “With the previous tool we relied on, we used to provide assessments for free,” Hall reveals. “But given all the useful information the Network Assessment Modules generate, we realized we are providing prospects and clients with significant added value. No one has balked at our fee—they realize they could not get this information on their own.”

Charging for the assessments also increases the chances of prospects and clients buying into the follow-up proposal. By paying upfront for the assessment, prospects are more prone to wanting to meet again to discuss the results.

“They are also more likely to say yes to the proposals we generate,” adds Hall. “And that leads to greater revenue generation for our company.”

About LEAP Managed IT
LEAP Managed IT, an outsourced IT company, collaborates with organizations to deliver on the promise that technology should not stop the forward momentum of business. The company achieves this mission by evaluating, communicating and strategizing to create plans that make technology environments safe, secure, user-friendly and process-driven. Specialties include technology planning, business continuity, network security, 24x7 help desk support, managed firewalls and VPNs, managed server support, email/communications/phone, vendor management, and compliance standards.




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