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Deliver effective data backup and business continuity services to clients in healthcare, legal, financial services and other data-driven industries.


Continuum’s Continuum Recover platform, a fully-managed solution built specifically to meet the needs of modern MSPs.


Continuum Recover enables MySherpa to deliver robust disaster recovery and business continuity services to clients—and Continuum’s NOC technicians provide hands-on support to minimize the time that MySherpa’s staff spends managing the platform.

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"Continuum Recover has allowed us to reallocate internal resources that were previously spending their time verifying backups, troubleshooting failures or responding to other issues.”

MySherpa Leverages Continuum’s NOC and Fully-Managed Continuum Recover Platform to Deliver Powerful Data Backup and Business Continuity Services

Delaware-based provider MySherpa offers a complete suite of managed IT, cloud, data protection and other technology services. The company supports a number of unique verticals including healthcare, legal and financial services—and relies on Continuum Recover to deliver business continuity and disaster recovery offerings to clients.

“Continuum Recover is a robust platform,” says Ethan Tancredi, President at MySherpa. “The product works exactly the way it’s supposed to—restores work well, and I simply don’t have to worry about backups as much as I have with other solutions. I know Continuum is paying attention to everything and making sure it’s all working.”

Continuum Recover is a fully-managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform, and combines a powerful feature set with direct support from Continuum’s team of Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians who provide day-to-day monitoring, management and other support for client backups.

“Continuum Recover has allowed us to reallocate internal resources that were previously spending their time verifying backups, troubleshooting failures or responding to other issues,” says Tancredi. “We can now rely on Continuum’s tools and personnel to complete these tasks, and our engineers are operating more efficiently—they’re able to focus on driving more value for our customers.”

In addition to monitoring, managing and troubleshooting client backups, Continuum’s NOC provides MSPs with complete disaster recovery and testing support to ensure the system works properly.

When it comes to technical features, Tancredi notes that Continuum Recover’s Tru- Verify™ is a strong differentiator for the platform. This proprietary technology moves well beyond traditional screenshot verification and provides MSPs with complete video verification to confirm the integrity of recovery points as well as to simplify troubleshooting.

“With Tru-Verify, we have actual video evidence that shows us whether a server has virtualized properly. It’s tangible proof we can leverage to show our clients that we’re delivering a rock-solid backup service—and if for some reason things don’t go as planned, Tru-Verify allows us to see exactly where they went wrong.”

The team at MySherpa has been deploying Continuum Recover with each of their new customers, and they’ve also begun upgrading their existing clients who are undergoing system refreshes—using Continuum’s Tech Advantage program to do so.

“We’ve got a number of clients who were using Vault, Continuum’s initial BDR offering,” Tancredi explains. “Continuum Recover has a number of benefits that make it a stronger solution than Vault—and through Tech Advantage, we can have Continuum’s NOC migrate those clients to Continuum Recover for us. We’ll spend maybe two or three hours getting everything set up, and the NOC handles the rest; the projects can even be completed after hours or on weekends, minimizing downtime for our customers.”

One of the reasons MySherpa loves working with Continuum is that Tancredi is able to provide feedback which then influences future updates, releases and additions to the products they’re leveraging.

“We know we can provide feedback to Continuum, and they hear it and figure out how to address it,” he says. “It’s a real partnership, and we’re excited about what’s on the roadmap for Continuum Recover.”

“At the end of the day, our customers will forgive almost any technology sin except data loss,” Tancredi adds. “By having a fully-managed BDR solution in Continuum Recover, we can rest easy knowing that we’re not going to lose any data—and our customers know that their most valuable assets are secured.”

About MySherpa
Small- to medium-size companies in the Greater Philadelphia market rely on MySherpa as their trusted guide to IT managed services. Founded by Head Sherpa Greg Gurev in 2001, MySherpa helps clients to reach peak performance by learning how each business uses computerized technology and delivering customized support. The company proactively plans for possible issues and takes ownership of problems so clients can focus on their climb to success.




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