Business challenge

To deliver optimal value for customers, Network Coverage needed a more reliable RMM platform and a more comprehensive service portfolio.


Network Coverage uses Continuum to deliver comprehensive services managed easily and efficiently through a single pane of glass.

  • Continuum Command, backed by the Continuum NOC, ensures reliable uptime and performance
  • Continuum Fortify, backed by the Continuum SOC, provides rapid detection and remediation of security issues
  • Continuum Recover enables fast backup and disaster recovery for customer data
  • Continuum Assist Dedicated Tech provides Network Coverage it’s own engineer inside the Continuum NOC
Business Impact

With reliable quality and value, Network Coverage can count on satisfied customers for testimonials and referrals.
Quality – Round-the-clock NOC and SOC coverage has significantly improved the reliability of customer environments
Revenue – An aggressive growth strategy has boosted revenues 25 percent each of the last four years
Business – Continuum has helped Network Coverage expand both the size of the organizations it works with and its area of operations

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