Business challenge

To deliver greater value for its customers, Onebyte needed to move beyond constant break-fix tickets and play a more active role in high-level decision-making.


Onebyte has built a standardized base customer offering on Continuum services, complemented with select Continuum services tailored to their needs.

  • Continuum Fortify protects customers from hackers and breaches.  
  • Continuum Command solves customer problems quickly around the clock with the help of Continuum NOC services.
  • Continuum Recover provides comprehensive backup and disaster recovery.
Business Impact

Onebyte has elevated to a more strategic—and profitable—role in its customers’ business.
Quality – Onebyte can now take a more proactive approach to prevent problems from recurring
Revenue – Revenue, profit, and earnings per customer have all increased
Business – Onebyte drives differentiation by working closely with customers to advance their IT maturity

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