Vince Arden of Preferred Communications Systems, success story

Vince Arden


Preferred Communication Systems, Inc. (PCSI)
Tinley Park, Illinois


Business Challenge

Continue to deliver peace of mind and a better bottom line to customers through service, knowledge and tailed solutions. Solution Continuum's remote monitoring & management (RMM) software and network operations center (NOC).


"About a third of our total revenue comes from managed services, which Continuum directly impacts." -Vince Arden, CFO, PCSI.

“Continuum is batting 1,000. They are attentive to our needs and I believe there is a true desire to help us improve our business.”

Preferred Communication Systems Success Story

Loyalty – to clients, vendors and personnel – isn’t taken lightly by PCSI founders President Bill Hayes and CFO Vince Arden. It is the cornerstone on which they’ve built a thriving IT support company serving the Chicago area since 1991. It’s also the reason they initially gave Continuum a shot. But it is Continuum’s amplified customer service, innovative solutions and convenient price structure that have since compelled PCSI to stay on board.

“Continuum seemed to hit the pain points and know what needed to be corrected in the new infrastructure,” says Arden. “So we decided to give them a chance to deliver on their promises. Continuum knocked it out of the park. I think they’re doing a phenomenal job.”

PCSI provides a myriad of IT support services including network security monitoring and maintenance, and server, desktop, and user care. With a staff of only 14 employees, the company serves almost every vertical market – with its two primary verticals being manufacturing and associations.

“What makes us unique from our competitors is the PCSI world-class way,” Arden says. He goes on to explain PCSI’s three-point strategy for delivering “peace of mind and a better bottom line”: 1. Provide customer service that exceeds expectations. 2. Share knowledge to create awareness. 3. Offer tailored solutions that achieve success.”

PCSI employs Continuum’s NOC (network operations center) and managed IT services, which contribute about one third of PCSI’s total revenue. “Continuum’s RMM service is the lifeblood of our managed services,” Arden says.

Arden notes that PCSI’s experience with the new NOC today is better than it has ever been in the past. “There’s been a definite change in customer service and response since Continuum took over — a night and day difference. They are proactive and we have developed a strong partnership with the NOC. They really deliver the support we need and are a pleasure to work with.”

Arden remembers an instance when PCSI ran into a major issue while deploying a new server for a customer. The issue was sent to Continuum’s NOC and taken care of in short order – and with great finesse. “It was not only resolved professionally, the communication was done well from start to finish,” Arden recalls. “It made us look good. And if Continuum makes us look good to our clients, we’ll continue to use them.”

“Continuum is batting 1,000. They are attentive to our needs and I believe there is a true desire to help us improve our business,” Arden says.

About PCSI
Founded in 1991 by Bill Hayes and Vince Arden, Preferred Communications Systems, Inc. (PCSI) is an IT and phone support provider based in Chicago. Its IT support includes server, desktop, user and network care along with backup and disaster recovery, spam protection, hosted cloud IT, Web filtering and firewall, and mobile office.

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