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James Ritter


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Business Challenge

Build a culture dedicated to providing excellent, 24/7 service while enhancing client business processes and delivering a stable, predictable and strategic return on customers’ IT investments.


Leverage Continuum’s network operations center and remote management and monitoring to provide customers with IT managed service support for computers, networks and servers.


“We have gone from a 20% increase in sales in 2009 to a 64.8% increase in 2011. For 2012 we are on track to achieve a 75% increase in gross sales. With Continuum beginning to focus in on Mac, Linux and Droid platforms, we expect this growth percentage to double during the course of 2013,” -James Ritter, President and CEO of Pulse Business Solutions.

“Continuum’s NOC personnel have been a tremendous asset – not just to our company but to the member networks that they monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot. They always go above and beyond to correct a problem.”

Continuum’s Network Operations Center Shows What ‘Service-Oriented’ Should Mean

If service is the key to your business, any managed IT services provider (MSP) would be hard-pressed to find a more responsive vendor than Continuum. Such is the experience of James Ritter, President and CEO of Pulse Business Solutions (PBS) in Naples, Florida.

“Hands down, I would advise MSPs to select Continuum as their partner,” Ritter says.

“At the end of the day, Pulse is a service business,” Ritter explains. “We don’t have any proprietary technology or patents, so we must ‘wow’ our members (customers) to earn their long-term business. We enable our members to improve their business processes, enhance efficiencies and effectiveness. I see Continuum as also being a ‘service business.’ They focus on finding the right team to provide excellent service every day to their MSP partners, and then empower us to do the same for our members.”

Ritter is especially enthusiastic about Continuum’s network operations center (NOC) — a 600-man support facility for MSPs, designed to monitor, address and solve even the most demanding technical issues. “Continuum’s NOC personnel have been a tremendous asset — not just to our company but 110% to the member networks that they monitor, maintain and troubleshoot for us. They always go above and beyond to correct a problem, and they also assist our team by educating us or providing further clarification on issues.”

Ritter points to several incidents where the NOC has proven its worth. In one case, Microsoft had pushed out major updates to its volume snapshot application. That functionality was critical to the third-party backup and disaster recovery solution employed by some PBS clients, and when problems arose with the updates, no data was being backed up.

“Continuum dedicated five people to solving that issue for us and some other partners,” Ritter says. “Throughout the process, they showed us exactly how they were troubleshooting the problem and they stayed with it until they found a resolution.”

Ritter recalls another incident involving a CPA client at tax time that had lost the ability to send and receive email. After four days of research, the NOC team identified that the problem was stemming from the Intuit software used by the client. Continuum restored the client’s email function, and then worked with Pulse to establish a complete mail-flow monitoring system to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

And in a third instance, a nonprofit client had a problem with glitches in its Sage SQL Server database software. Once again, the NOC came through with a fix. But more than that, Ritter says, “They educated us on how to monitor SQL Server, how to clean up those apps and how to write script for it.”

Ritter appreciates Continuum’s approach to remote monitoring and management as a fully-integrated solution that includes their NOC as well as their IntelliMonitoring software. “Continuum realizes this is the backbone of the MSP business model. A fully- integrated solution frees us from day-to-day robotic duties and allows us to focus on operational and strategic planning and execution, as well as growing our business.”

Continuum is providing a true, robust 24/7/365 service model via their comprehensive service teams, software and state-of-the-art infrastructure. This is critical to operating as a true managed services provider,” he observes. Either as an end-user or as a business owner, Ritter has been working with solutions represented in the Continuum portfolio since 2002.

“They let current as well as prospective partners know what they can expect, and that is a critical value for Pulse Business Solutions. I’m Continuum’s number one fan and their biggest cheerleader!”

About Pulse Business Solutions
Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Pulse Business Solutions (PBS) is a leading provider of managed services, IT services and business solutions for small and medium sized businesses in Southwest Florida. PBS is passionate about providing a guiding hand to safeguard and increase the efficiencies of IT systems for businesses and organizations with typically three to 200 employees.

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