Business challenge

Ratcliff IT wanted to expand its business beyond commodity IT services, but first the company needed a way to deliver responsive, round-the-clock support to customers at a predictable cost.


Ratcliff IT takes advatage of Continuum’s fixed costs to provide both IT and security services with the predictable margins the company needs to grow.

  • Continuum Fortify and the Continuum SOC power Ratcliff IT’s evolution to a security services provider.  
  • Continuum Command and the Continuum NOC handle day-to-day support for Ratcliff customers.
Business Impact

Ratcliff IT can now grow and diversify its business model with services that anticipate the needs of its customers.
Quality – Ratcliff IT delivers better service and higher value without increasing headcount
Revenue – Continuum’s pay-as-you-grow pricing helps Ratcliff IT manage its margins for optimal profitability
Business – By building a strong brand in security services, Ratcliff IT can pursue new kinds of opportunities and achieve clear differentiation

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