Business challenge

To maintain high standards while driving growth, SNS needed a way to ensure consistent quality and value without depending on highly paid engineers.


With Continuum, SNS can standardize and automate service delivery while responding in real-time to customer needs and incidents.

  • Continuum Command monitors, manages, and supports customer devices around the clock, with incidents handled quickly by Continuum Assist Dedicated Tech and the Continuum NOC
  • Continuum Recover provides rapid recovery when incidents arise—often before clients are aware of the problem
  • Continuum Fortify services, including dark web scanning, DNS filtering, and more, help customers understand and reduce their risk
Business Impact

SNS’s partnership with Continuum has greatly expanded the company’s capabilities and market reach while eliminating the need for highly paid engineers and 80-hour weeks.
Quality – SNS has improved quality and enabled real-time response to customer incidents
Revenue – A broader portfolio of automated solutions helps SNS upsell existing customers and win new business
Business – SNS offers enterprise-class solutions for businesses of all sizes—including its first Fortune 500 customer

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