Jamie Woodland of Server Sentry

Jamie Woodland


Server Sentry
Melbourne, Australia



Business Challenge

Server Sentry was searching for a new RMM platform with an integrated NOC and Help Desk offering that could support its growing customer base without requiring any additional in-house technical staff.


Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM platform, NOC and U.S.- based Help Desk.


Partnering with Continuum has enabled Server Sentry to significantly expand the scope of its services and provide true 24x7 support and peace of mind to its growing customer base.

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“We chose Continuum because of the services they offer as well as their honesty, openness and fast response times during our evaluation process.”

Continuum Empowers Server Sentry to Offer Australia’s Only Live 24x7 IT Help Desk

Server Sentry has specialized in providing quality IT support services to business owners and IT managers throughout Australia for more than a decade – including data protection, Web hosting, network monitoring and management, technical support and more. As the company continues to grow and expand, it’s relying increasingly on its partnership with Continuum to provide round-the-clock support, specialized expertise and full problem resolution for a number of critical IT needs.

“The Australian MSP market is maturing,” says Jamie Woodland, Chief Technology Officer at Server Sentry. “But because many MSPs here are providing similar services, it’s been difficult for us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and really stand out. Our partnership with Continuum really helps us do that – and today, we’re Australia’s only managed services provider providing a live 24x7 IT help desk service.”

Server Sentry first discovered Continuum in 2013 while shopping for a new remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform.

“With only two or three engineers on our staff at the time, we simply didn’t have the coverage required to provide adequate 24x7 services to our customers – we knew we needed additional support,” Woodland says.

“At the time, we were trying to decide between outsourcing or hiring additional in-house staff,” he recalls. “But it’s very expensive to hire engineers in Australia. We began talking with several vendors, including Continuum. We chose Continuum because of the services they offer as well as their honesty, openness and fast response times during our evaluation process.”

Continuum’s RMM platform is an intelligent alerting system that’s directly supported by more than 600 technicians at the company’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). These technical experts are constantly monitoring network and device health, and remediating up to 90 percent of routine tickets – helping Server Sentry refocus its in-house staff toward client relationships and business growth.

“Thanks to the NOC, our technicians don’t have to spend time performing repetitive tasks like responding to alerts, checking servers, restarting services or addressing minor issues,” says Woodland. “It’s freed our staff to have more of a customer-facing role now that they’re no longer bogged down by day-to-day IT management.”

And in addition to allowing Server Sentry’s staff to focus on more strategic initiatives, Woodland also values the breadth of expertise that Continuum’s NOC technicians bring to the table.

“One of the biggest values the NOC provides is their expertise,” he says. “We’ll never pretend to know everything about IT, it’s simply too broad a spectrum – and our engineers don’t have the time to become experts in every field. It’s great to know we’ve got a partner behind us who has experts in all of these fields like Microsoft ExchangeTM and Active Directory® who can jump in and immediately start troubleshooting an issue for us.”

Shortly after deploying Continuum RMM across their client base, Server Sentry began exploring Continuum’s Help Desk – a U.S.-based call center that provides direct end-user support for a variety of desktop-related issues. It wasn’t long before Woodland and his team started seeing some impressive results.

“We deployed the Help Desk with our largest client, and a few months later, the organization conducted an internal survey to gauge the effectiveness of a number of different IT initiatives,” he notes. “The client had a 90 percent approval rating for Help Desk – and the issues that were mentioned were minor and easily resolved.”

Continuum’s Help Desk is completely white-labeled, meaning they answer the phone as Server Sentry when speaking to users – and the fact that they’re accessible 24x7 via phone, email or Web-based chat means Woodland doesn’t have to worry about overtime or hiring additional staff during peak hours.

“To do what we do today with Continuum’s Help Desk, we’d need at least four additional engineers,” Woodland notes. “That would likely triple or quadruple our costs, and still wouldn’t provide the same level of expertise that we’re getting from Continuum.”

Technicians at Continuum’s Help Desk also receive regular training and are constantly working to stay up-to-date on the latest software tools, troubleshooting best practices and bug fixes.

“The Help Desk continues learning and improving,” says Woodland. “I remember seeing tickets several months back that were escalated to us because the Help Desk couldn’t resolve them, and today they’re able to fix those same issues.”

The relationship between Continuum and Server Sentry only continues to strengthen as time goes on, and today the company employs a 10-point guarantee – dependent on support from Continuum – as part of their selling process.

“We always present our 10-point guarantee to potential customers, and that includes things like response times,” says Woodland. “We absolutely depend on Continuum to help us meet those guarantees.”

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