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Total Group International LTD
Hertfordshire, England



In order to reduce downtime and data loss for their customers, Total Group searched for a more reliable business continuity solution with a single pane of glass and simplified backup management.


Continuum Recover, a fully-managed backup and disaster recovery solution built specifically to meet the needs of modern MSPs.


Continuum Recover provides the visibility, reliability, and hands-on support Total Group requires to re-establish confidence in their backup solution and allow their team to focus on core business priorities and customer relationships.

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"For our clients, Continuum Recover has been transformational. Within a month of deploying the solution, our clients’ alert dashboards transition from a sea of red to a sea of green.”

Continuum Recover Enables Total Group International with Enhanced Technical Support for a More Scalable BDR Solution

Total Group has been providing fully managed IT services for over 18 years. Based in Hertfordshire, England, the company is committed to taking the burden out of IT management for their clients by offering a suite of IT services—including cloud services, connectivity, IT security, and business continuity.

After struggling with non-reliable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions in the past, Total Group set out to search for a single solution that could meet the needs of their varied client base—keeping in mind the importance of GDPR compliance—without exhausting their internal resources. Today, Total Group relies on Continuum Recover to deliver robust business continuity and data protection to their customers.

“We went through about a year of researching, testing, and evaluating hundreds of BDR solutions, and that ultimately led us to Continuum,” describes Nathan Stewart, Managing Director at Total Group. “The tipping point in the decision to bring on Continuum was the single interface,” he continues. “Previously, our engineers had to get to grips with dozens of interfaces. With the simplified interface that Continuum Recover offers, we have complete oversight of all our clients’ backups.”

Continuum Recover is a unique business continuity solution that combines a powerful feature set with direct support from Continuum’s Network Operations Centre (NOC). With NOC technicians absorbing day-to-day BDR functions including monitoring, testing, troubleshooting and more, Stewart and his technical team are free to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

“We became a Continuum partner because of Continuum Recover and what it could offer our business,” exclaims Stewart. “Having the NOC team able to assist with backup management, disaster recovery testing and support is fantastic for our team. Coupled with the visibility we get with Continuum’s dashboard, our engineers never have to babysit backups, which gives them an opportunity to contribute to our business’ growth and take a step up in their own careers.”

In addition to the technical support Continuum Recover offers, Stewart and the team at Total Group are glad to have the solution deployed because it didn’t take long before they had to put it to the test.

“One of our clients had a domain admin-level ransom attack that encrypted nine of their servers—about 10 terabytes of data,” explains Stewart. “We ran the math and reckoned it would have taken us twenty-one days to restore all nine of their servers on our previous backup solution. With Continuum Recover, we did it in just 40 minutes.”

With features like instant virtualization and recovery capabilities, Continuous Data Protection™, and comprehensive NOC support, Continuum Recover has become the ideal backup solution that Total Group was searching for. And not only does the company enjoy a more simplified and scalable solution, but its client relationships have also enhanced due to improved service delivery.

“For our clients, Continuum Recover has been transformational,” states Stewart. “Within a month of deploying the solution, our clients’ alert dashboards transition from a sea of red to a sea of green. Previously, that progress would have taken us a year. Now, our clients are blissfully unaware of the behind-the-scenes work—all they know is that we’re able to consistently provide them with reliable IT services.”

For Stewart and Total Group, this has meant happier clients, happier engineers, and a significant cost savings.

“For the first time, we have complete confidence in our backup and disaster recovery solution,” says Stewart. “Continuum Recover has provided us with a revenue-generating solution that is great for our clients because it drastically reduces their risk of downtime; and it’s equally important to our team because it alleviates the lack of support we were burdened with in the past, while helping us save time and money.”

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