Business challenge

Hands-on, labor-intensive support processes made it impossible for Westtek Solutions to provide comprehensive service while maximizing profitability.


Westtek Solutions depends on Continuum solutions and staffing to multiply the effectiveness and value of its small technical staff.

  • Continuum Fortify helps customers stay one step ahead of fast-evolving threats.
  • Continuum Command and the Continuum NOC help Westtek support nearly 50 customers with an in-house staff of five.
  • Continuum Recover keeps customers up and running around the clock. 
Business Impact

Westtek Solutions can take on bigger clients and expand into security services without increasing its headcount for a lean, highly profitable business.
Quality – Westtek Solutions can provide real-time service 24 x 7 to solve problems quickly
Revenue – Revenue per employee has grown by 2.4x
Business – Westtek Solutions now leads with security for some clients, opening a valuable new avenue for growth

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