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Stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the latest MSP trends and best practices with our live and on-demand webinars! These sessions feature our MSP partners, industry experts, technology providers and members of the Continuum team—and each one is designed to help you learn how to successfully grow and scale your business.


Assessing New Prospects for Managed Services

Network assessments are a crucial part of the MSP prospecting phase. To quote work accurately and prove you can effectively support an IT environment, you need to know what’s really on the network—not just what the prospect says is there. If you don’t have network visibility, you could lose time and money through unquoted work resulting from unforseen network issues and surprise devices you didn’t know about. By using Auvik, you gain real-time network insight and control so you can prove your value, identify upsell opportunities, proactively assess network problems, and boost your profitability with right-sized contracts.

October 25, 2018

11am-12pm EST

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Continuum Security: The Advanced Cyber Security Solution You Need to Deliver the Protections Your Clients Demand
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Continuum CEO Michael George will talk about IT security challenges. Explore also key features and benefits of Continuum Security by Brian Downey, Continuum’s Senior Director of Product Management, and Jay Ryerse, CEO at CARVIR (now a Continuum company).

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Cybersecurity & Threat Management
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