We offer true business continuity– a holistic bundle of backup and disaster recovery software, full remote monitoring and management, all supported by 24/7 Network Operations Center.

expert services

They may be your clients, but we treat them like they are ours. That means we’re proactive about everything to do with their data. We have expert technicians managing 24x7 every aspect of the backup process, from their machines to the cloud and everything in between. Any issues and our NOC contacts you by phone, ticket and/or email. We have a no delay policy.

Experts in Windows, Exchange, VMWare, Backup and more, our service technicians are trained to look for root cause issues such as the need for OS level upgrades or patches. And when we find them, we fix them, which avoids future problems.

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continuous data protection

When it comes to data, we’re an equal opportunity protector – every single bit needs to be fully protected from corruption, deletion, intrusion, or (we shudder at the thought) total loss. Continuum Vault has all of your data covered by some of the most advanced security and backup features available in the world. We’re talking built in data integrity checks, 256 bit encryption, granular backup scheduling and data retention, and automated screenshot verifications of backups. Plus we natively store backups in a virtual format, making them instantly bootable with no conversion process necessary. And if you need to, you can export the virtual images to VMWare or Hyper-V.

compatible hardware

If you’re like us when it comes to buying things like cars and clothes, you like flexibility and choice. When it comes to hardware, there’s that issue that comes up time and again – compatibility. That’s why offering hardware options is so important. We’ve partnered with third-party hardware vendors so you can select from a wide range of pre-configured appliances without thinking twice about compatibility. Racks, towers, brand name to white-label, we support the widest range of appliances so you can satisfy your client’s needs. We also publish supported specifications if you want to buy your own hardware.


Continuum Toolbox

BDR Revive

bdr-continuum-driveInfuse new life into your existing BDR hardware, thanks to an advanced re-imaging tool that allows you to upgrade to all the advantages of Continuum Vault without the additional hardware investment.

Upgrading is ridiculously easy. Just insert the BDR Revive USB into your hardware appliance, follow the instructions, click a few buttons, and you are upgraded!

And if anything happens, don’t worry. Just call our 24/7 NOC.

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