Remote Monitoring and Management

RMM that includes direct NOC support. 

Continuum takes the pressure off of your business, freeing you from time-consuming maintenance and costly labor investments. It’s time to meet the newest members of your tech team – there are 600+ of us. 

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    Redefining RMM


    Other providers offer remote monitoring and management software, but none can offer peace of mind like Continuum. Our RMM platform offers proactive problem resolution and is backed by our 600+ NOC technicians, who resolve thousands of alerts for you 24x7x365. Our service delivery team is an extension of your team –meaning our technicians are your technicians, and are here to help you meet the uncertain and ever-changing demands of IT.

    The RMM solution is delivered via a SaaS-based management portal, and dramatically increases your operational efficiency – allowing you to easily monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain desktops, servers, mobile devices and other endpoints for your clients. The platform also includes alerting, integrated ticketing, automated recommendations, remote control, scripting, patch management, antivirus software, and reporting.

    This unique and industry-leading combination of software and services allows us to deliver an unparalleled end-to-end managed IT services solution. And did we mention that our offerings are completely white-labeled?

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    Advancing Technology & Services Delivery

    Costs associated with manpower and building your IT management processes and expertise can cost 80% of your operating budget. With Continuum’s RMM, you have the opportunity to lower these costs by leveraging these software and service capabilities:

    Behind the Scenes

    Continuum NOC technicians proactively maintain client systems and actively resolve system issues. Your staff is continuously updated and you maintain the client relationship.

    Trained Experts At Your Side 

    Continuum’s NOC has developed extensive expertise as they manage nearly 675,000 devices around the world. We continuously capture, document and codify our experience in the form of business rules and a knowledge base, so that our NOC technicians and partners can have quick access to the recommended steps for problem resolution.

    24x7x365 Coverage 

    The Continuum team monitors and manages your systems around the clock, 365 days a year.

    Fixed Price 

    There are no surprises - you know exactly how much Continuum RMM software and services cost based on the number of software agents you have deployed, no matter how many tickets have been issued and resolved.

    Pay As You Grow 

    Why waste money investing in licenses you never use? When you add a client, retire a server or close down an office, your charges are adjusted to reflect only the number of active agents.

    Education and Training 

    With over 40 interactive courses, our online Continuum University will get your staff up and running quickly.



    Vigilant Monitoring

    Rule Based Monitoring

    When you partner with Continuum, we’ll give you our unmatched vigilance and experience so you can enjoy greater efficiency and focus on growing your business. Gone are the days of setting individual thresholds, updating alerts or managing time-consuming maintenance.

    We've established rules based on our years of experience monitoring tens of thousands of servers and handling more than ten million alerts a year – rules that determine what's needed to fix a given problem, rules that resolve issues faster and rules that improve your operational efficiency.

    With our RMM platform, you can monitor:

    • Windows
    • Linux servers
    • Mac desktops
    • SNMP & ICMP devices like printers and firewalls
    • Mobile devices including Android & iOS
    • VMware hosts
    • Hyper-V servers

    Read about Managed IT Solutions' success with our RMM Platform and NOC Services!

    Monitor Mobile Devices

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    Simplified, Predictable Management

    Jesse Armstrong Greystone Technology Group

    Ensuring everything is up to date on your clients’ devices can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, we turn “easier said than done” into just plain easy. With hundreds of scripts that you can schedule, automated patching and integrated ticketing, we've got you covered.

    We also help you ensure your clients’ sites are set up consistently and reliably, and that their antivirus definitions are up to date and their applications are current.

    The result? We make your life easier every day, helping you sleep better at night knowing you're in good hands.

    Here are a few of our valuable features:

    • Proactive antivirus software management supporting 15+ vendors
    • Microsoft, Apple and third-party patching
    • Client Communicator system
    • Client-facing summary reports
    • Internal audit reports
    • Off-hours maintenance

    Want to learn more about RMM? Check out this webinar to hear from a panel of managed IT services experts as they discuss essential RMM features, best practices and purchase considerations.