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The Ultimate Guide to Success in Managed IT Services

What are the fundamentals to building a profitable managed IT services business? Keep reading to discover the four key ingredients for success.

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How to Differentiate Yourself in a Growing Competitive MSP Landscape [Part 1: Soft Differentiators]

Posted by Ray Vrabel on March 15, 2019


In 2018, Managed Services alone accounted for $43B in annual revenue. Further, the total serviceable SMB market accounted for 7 million businesses, but only ten percent of that serviceable market is actually served by IT Service Providers today. This provides a huge opportunity for MSPs to gain additional market share and box out your competition. But how do you go about doing this?

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Revenue Growth and Profitability

How To Generate MSP Leads Online, Even If Nobody is Going to Your Website

Posted by Nate Freedman on March 13, 2019


Oftentimes when I sit down to talk to one of my prospects for my MSP marketing agency, a find myself fielding some variation of the same question over and over again.

“I spent a lot of time, money and effort on my website… and nobody is contacting me from it. I need it to generate leads and I need them now… but that just isn’t happening. What gives?”

At that point, I do what anyone would do: I sit down with their Google Analytics to see if we can find the story beneath all that data. Usually, I discover that their website isn’t generating leads for a very simple reason: nobody is visiting it in the first place.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing

Explaining "Incident Response" to Your Clients [VIDEO]

Posted by Meaghan Moraes on March 11, 2019


79 percent of small businesses today do not have an incident response plan, leaving them ill-prepared for advancing cyber attacks—especially since there is currently a lack of in-house security expertise. That leaves the responsibility to proactively build an effective incident response plan on the MSP, and requires the right tools, processes and communication.

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Topics: Video, Explaining IT Series

Why Resiliency is the Future of BDR and Business Continuity

Posted by Dave LeClair on March 8, 2019


It is clear we live in an always-on world. Regardless of what vertical market a business serves, it is likely that customers expect 24x7x365 access to at least some, if not all, of its business services. Even for knowledge workers, ubiquitous broadband networking and mobile devices now let employees work anywhere and at any time. Downtime is simply not tolerated anymore. This need for constant data access and system uptime has caused a shift in how we think about data protection and business continuity over the years, particularly for SMBs.

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Topics: Data Protection, Backup and Disaster Recovery

If You Want to Build a Brand for Your MSP, You Need to Offend People

Posted by Nate Freedman on March 6, 2019


Recently, I was going through a “brand discovery” process with a new client—the same process I’ve been doing for years. One of this client’s top MSP marketing priorities was to relaunch their website in a bold and striking way, so naturally one of our priorities quickly became nailing down their messaging.

We knew we needed to do more than just “get the word out” about their services. We needed to strike a chord and hit home with their target audience. You only get one first impression, and it’s my belief that resonating immediately is the best way to get someone to do what you really want them to, which is pick up the phone and give you a call.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing

Why MSPs Should Advise Clients to Surpass the PCI DSS Baseline

Posted by Mark Cline on March 4, 2019


By now, most of us have heard the terms PCI compliance, PCI DSS, or Payment Card Industry Compliance Data Security Standards. If you need a refresher before we dive in, review some quick PCI DSS facts. These terms have been flying around for quite some time and merchants have been complying, or attempting to comply, for years. If merchants are complying it begs the question, why do we still see data breaches? The PCI standard was created to build a baseline of security functions to protect card holder data, and it does just that. The standard is a great baseline for a security posture, but in no means does it end with a PCI self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ).

With the development of new payment technologies like more advanced point-of-sale (POS) terminals, we see the overall scope of PCI compliance diminishing. Less credit card data in scope means less risk. However, this line of thinking is a bit misleading because it can give the merchant a false sense of security.

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Topics: Data Protection, Information Security, PCI Compliance

Dominating New Verticals in 2019: 7 Tips to Keep AEC Clients Cyber Secure

Posted by Josh Weiss on March 1, 2019


Traditional architecture, engineering and environmental consulting (AEC) firms are in the middle of a makeover, with spreadsheets and calculators taking a backseat to big data, technology and software. With increasing speed, AEC firms are utilizing technology-driven capabilities to provide more service offerings and improve efficiency. This means they require proactive cybersecurity strategies to protect their business. The bottom line is: AEC firms are making strategic investments in cyber security.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Cybersecurity and Threat Management, Vertical Alignment

The Top 5 MSP Blog Posts of February 2019

Posted by Meaghan Moraes on February 27, 2019


Having defined processes in your MSP to drive business forward. Understanding how to explain the value of your services rather than just listing them on your website. Finding the right opportunities to have cross-sell conversations with clients. These were just a few of the topics discussed on our blog this month that resonated most with readers.

Check out our roundup below of the top five MSPblog posts of February to explore the key themes buzzing in the MSP community right now!

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Sales and Marketing, Remote Monitoring and Management

Three Ways MSPs Can Demonstrate Value to Clients: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]

Posted by Brandon Garcin on February 25, 2019

Demonstrating MSP Value to Clients

With so many aspects of managed IT services today being performed remotely and off-hours, it can be difficult to really “show” your customers the value you’re providing them every day. In this episode of The Weekly Byte, we break down three ways to help you reinforce and regularly showcase the value you’re delivering to your customers!

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Topics: Customer Service, The Weekly Byte

Seize the Security Opportunity with Continuum’s Global Cyber Security Roadshow

Posted by Meaghan Moraes on February 22, 2019

Introducing Continuum’s Global Cyber Security Roadshow

Dealing with today’s threat landscape can put a burden on most IT and security service providers. There are serious, complex issues you need to solve for your SMB clients—including phishing, brute-force attacks, the dark web, and much more. Without the proper knowledge, technology, and enablement materials, the promise of building an enduring security line of business could be shattered. 

To provide MSPs with everything they need to emerge as cyber security leaders, Continuum is bringing its Global Cyber Security Roadshow to IT service providers around the globe! Keep reading to discover what you’ll learn, where we’re heading and why you’ll want to be there.

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Topics: Cybersecurity and Threat Management, Events

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