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The Ultimate Guide to Success in Managed IT Services

What are the fundamentals to building a profitable managed IT services business? Keep reading to discover the four key ingredients for success.

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How MSPs Can Effectively Prepare for the Holidays: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]

Posted by Brandon Garcin on December 10, 2018

The Weekly Byte Episode 120

The holiday season is one of the busiest—and most hectic—times of the year. And for MSPs, the right planning can go a long way to ensure you’re not scrambling to keep things running smoothly throughout the month of December. Tune into this episode of The Weekly Byte to discover four ways to effectively prepare for the holidays!

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Topics: The Weekly Byte, Customer Service

Understanding the Essential Eight: The Key to Multi-Layered Security

Posted by Elliot Seeto on December 6, 2018


As we come to the close of our Understanding the Essential Eight series, I hope you’ve had the chance to digest all of our discussions and can utilise these tips when speaking with clients around the importance of proper security practices. Remember, it is not just us as an industry providing these recommendations, governments are too.

While these basic strategies can be used to raise awareness in sales conversations, as well as through ongoing training and support, I’d like to take this opportunity to wrap a nice bow on the series and discuss the key to establishing a multi-layered security strategy.

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Topics: Cybersecurity and Threat Management, Australia, Continuum Security

Breaking Alert Issued Against SamSam Ransomware

Posted by Lily Teplow on December 4, 2018


On Monday, December 3, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an alert for SamSam ransomware—also known as MSIL/SAMAS.A—after identifying certain cyber threat actors using the ransomware to target industries in the United States and worldwide.

In this post, we cover the breaking news and what MSPs should take note of, how the SamSam ransomware works, and what you can do to protect against it.

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Topics: Industry News, Cybersecurity and Threat Management

A 5-Step Guide to Going to Market with Your Security Solution

Posted by Joseph Tavano on December 4, 2018

A 5-Step Guide to Going to Market with Your Security Solution

Most MSPs who have some experience in the channel understand what it takes to start offering new products to their clients; whether it is a new service, an add-on or additional form of IT support, the rollout can differ greatly. However, when it comes to offering an advanced security solution, there is little comparison—it is an entire category of products and services that are being introduced.

In order to successfully go to market in the cyber security space, MSPs need to solidify a plan well in advance of their solution’s public availability.

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Topics: Managed Security Services, Cybersecurity and Threat Management, Sales and Marketing

Partner Spotlight: Our Journey from 1,000 to 100 Tickets a Day [VIDEO]

Posted by Lily Teplow on December 3, 2018

Partner Spotlight: Our Journey from 1,000 to 100 Tickets a Day [VIDEO]

Many MSPs are familiar with the concept of ticket fatigue; when you or your techs can’t perform at the high-level of service your clients need, all because of the sheer amount of alerts that consume your day-to-day. Before becoming a Continuum partner, DS Tech was no stranger to ticket fatigue.

In this partner spotlight, DS Tech shares their story of how they leverage Continuum to not only reduce their daily number of tickets, but become more efficient and able to better service their clients.

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Topics: Partner Success, Service Delivery and Operational Efficiency, Video

The Top 5 MSP Blog Posts of November 2018

Posted by Lily Teplow on November 29, 2018


What are the keys to an MSP marketing plan for 2019? How can you explain the cloud to your clients? What tools are needed to build a cyber security offering? We answer these questions and more in our monthly roundup of the MSPblog's most popular posts.

See below for the top five blog articles our readers couldn’t get enough of this November.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Cybersecurity and Threat Management, Client Acquisition and Management

4 Ways to Help Employees and Clients Fight Off Infections

Posted by Lily Teplow on November 28, 2018

4 Ways to Help Employees and Clients Fight Off Infections

Welcome to flu season, ladies and gents. As the weather grows colder and we find ourselves in confined quarters, many of us become sitting ducks for risk of illness. This is especially true in the office environment; we’re around each other for eight (maybe more) hours a day, sharing documents, keyboards, workstations, etc.

While we usually write about topics like how to prevent computer viruses and malware, this time around we’re sharing four tips to help you and your clients stay as healthy and germ-free as possible.

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Topics: Tech Quick Tips, Client Quick Tips

Your MSP Marketing Should Meet Your Customers Where They Are At

Posted by Nate Freedman on November 27, 2018


As the owner of an MSP marketing company, a lot of my days are spent working directly with clients on all of their MSP sales and marketing strategy needs. It's part of what I enjoy the most, because it really gives me a chance to spend time with someone on a one-on-one basis to learn more about who they are, what they want and why that matters so much to them.

Recently, one of my clients came to me with a question that I immediately thought was worth answering here, as well. In so many words, he said "why can't I get certain SMB business owners to take IT seriously?"

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Topics: Sales and Marketing

3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Website's Visibility: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]

Posted by Brandon Garcin on November 26, 2018

The Weekly Byte Episode 119

Your website is arguably your most important asset when it comes to marketing and lead generation—but if you haven’t properly configured or optimized certain things, you’ll have a difficult time ranking in Google and other search engines. In this episode of The Weekly Byte, we look at three quick and easy-to-implement updates that can help boost your website’s visibility!

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Topics: The Weekly Byte, Sales and Marketing, Website Optimization and Design

Happy Thanksgiving, We're Thankful for You!

Posted by Lily Teplow on November 22, 2018


On this Thanksgiving, we hope you’re able to spend the day with your loved ones, enjoying good company, good food, and reflecting on all that you’re thankful for. And, we’d like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere thanks to our MSPblog readers and especially, to all of our Continuum partners.

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