Visual marketing guru Hubspot reports that tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets than those without1. That's significantly more exposure for your content than just messages with plain text. You may not think this pays off, but the sales process begins earlier these days. You have the chance to nurture these leads with remarkable, educational content that positions you as a leading MSP in your area. Use this opportunity to make a bold statement with graphics that will pop off of your feed!

Let’s start by looking at your Twitter feed. Chances are you’re seeing tweets from the technology companies, industry business leaders and news analysts you follow. As you scroll, what’s catching your eye? Is it IT Joe’s plain text blog titles? Or is it that colorful banner promoting the latest event in IT, complete with location, date, and attendees enjoying themselves. I’m willing to bet that the eye-catching tweet caught and held your attention more than the string of words that blended with the rest of the text on your screen.

You're not on Twitter?

The projected number of Twitter users by 2018 is 400 million2. This vast number includes many of your clients and a whole network of prospects, i.e. potential revenue. lf your marketing efforts may be a little slim, Twitter is an easy and fast way to connect and build relationships with those who may not see your face every day. Your IT support is remote, but you don't want to distance your company and brand from your target audience. Stay top-of-mind and top-of-feed with regular, consistent messaging about topics your clients and prospects want to read about. Then, enhance those posts by presenting the information in a visually appealing, brand-cohesive way.

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Don't Be a Robot. Humanize Your Brand with Visuals!

Now lets look at your profile page, specifically. Let’s be honest here – are you seeing automated blog title after blog title? Shame on you! We all know the name of the game is attentive interaction with your followers, cleverly selected content retweets, and general thought leadership. But how can you make those blog posts and video promotions more engaging? You guessed it – visual marketing.

Check out this example:


Here we’re promoting a new episode of MSPradio featuring Scott Spiro from Computer Solutions Group. While we optimized the tweet by including a hashtag, a shout out to Scott, and a link to the blog post housing the episode, it’s still just plain, boring text. We decided that wasn’t enough to really entice our followers (yes, you!) and knew we had to introduce a visual into the promotion.


Just look at that face! That face wants to tell you how to increase your productivity as a business owner. Putting a face to the name really helps to show your followers who it is they’ll be listening to. Similarly, listing speaker credentials adds credibility to the radio episode by indicating the guest is relevant in your space. Aside from these details, we also add the title of the episode, what time you can catch it, and the MSPradio logo. Not only, do images help you consolidate information, leaving you more characters to play with in your tweet, they also make your posts more engaging and actionable. 

Watch the episode now!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Plays...and Then Some

So what was the impact here? How did visual marketing for MSPradio and our blog posts promoting the podcasts help drive the program? Glad you asked.


We helped MSPradio reach almost 9,000 plays by promoting it on Twitter (among other things of course, like Nate’s compelling radio voice and our amazing IT and MSP guests). Shortly after we souped-up our tweets with these episode graphics, the MSPradio brand began to stick with followers. Our podcast program is just one example, but this can happen with other pieces of shareable content, like eBooks, Slideshares, or videos. 

But wait, I don’t have time or resources to create epic graphics.

Never fear! I’ve created 10 templates for you to bring into Microsoft PowerPoint and customize to your brand and messaging. They’re all sized and polished perfectly to Twitter’s dimensions for social posts. Just download them here, open them up and personalize them to your business's needs! Tag us in your tweets with @FollowContinuum when you master your visual marketing – we’d love to follow your efforts.

A few things to consider here before you dive into these slick PowerPoint templates...

Reuse, Renew, Recycle

By all means, recreate and adapt these graphics for your marketing campaign. But keep it consistent above all else! Establishing a graphic style for your brand is essential to maintaining a professional, clean brand experience for your followers and viewers. Last year, Continuum launched our first ever Navigate user conference and consistent brand experience was at the top of our list of priorities (well, second to attendee experience!) and planning. I cannot stress it enough: do not hop from purple zig zags to photography of yarn to neon 90’s style. It will confuse your clients and scare off your dear followers! That being said, the beauty of PowerPoint design templates is that you can customize them and change them very slightly for each different project you’d like to market and promote.

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What if I don’t have a radio show or blog post to promote?

That’s fine too! These types of graphics work great for promoting just about anything, even if it’s not on Twitter! While each platform has their own ideal image dimensions, the template I’ve provided you will do just fine if you upload as a jpeg to places like Facebook, Linkedin, or Spiceworks. If you’re going to a conference or an event (like Navigate, for example), why not create a fun post with a photo you snap and use as a look-back on the day's activities. Do you have special visitors stop by your office often? Place your guest's photo into the appropriate template in our downloadable kit. Give them a fun shout out on your social media outlets to drive conversation and reach! They'll appreciate the thought and might even share to their own followers, extending your brand's reach and introducing your company to a whole new network of prospective clients.

Download Your Kit of 10 Easy-to-Use Social Templates!