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5 Romantic Comedies with an IT Twist

Posted February 12, 2016by Ben Barker

5 Romantic Comedies with an IT Twist

There's nothing quite like flipping through the channels and coming across your favorite romantic comedy. You know the plot, you know all the jokes, but you just can't help but commit the next two and a half hours to rewatching these classics. We decided to take our favorite "Rom Coms" and add a little bit of an IT twist for our MSP readers. 

The original versions of these flicks are classics, but a little change can be good. Check out our list of the top five romantic comedies with an IT twist!


5) 10 Things I Hate about End Users

10 things I hate about end users

Image source:

As we just heard from the MSP community, there are more than a few things that bug you about end users. Still, with effective communication and education, you can have the same happy ending you'll find in this awesome Rom Com.  

4) A NOC to Remember

a NOC to remember










Image source:

A Network Operations Center (NOC) with 650+ technicians and 24x7x365 service and support is tough to forget, don't you think?


3) How to Lose a Tech in 10 Days

how to lose a tech in 10 days













Image source:

If you have a skilled technician that you're able to keep on staff, count your lucky stars. Holding on to good talent is tough, so when you've found yourself a good one, make sure you're treating them right and keeping them happy!


2) Bridget Jones's Open Diary

bridget jones's open diary










Image source:

Internet security is one of the biggest issues that SMBs face today. Make sure you're doing your part to help keep your clients safe and secure online. 


1) The MacBook

the macbook













Image source:

What do you do when a client decides to switch from Windows to Mac? You leap into their arms and kiss them, of course! Just kidding. Please, don't do that. However, you can offer them some helpful tips for an easy transition.

Honorable Mentions

You’ve Got Mail…Don’t Open It

He’s Just Not That Into Windows 10

Patch Perfect

27 Email (Ad)Dresses

13 going on 30 tickets

Clients with Benefits


Did you enjoy the quick tips that we linked to? Here are some more!


Ben is a Boston-based tech marketing expert, and an avid Boston sports fan.

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