It's hard to believe that it's almost been a month since we sponsored the dynamic Navigate 2015 conference! Personally, I love attending events that are fast-paced, relevant and to the point. So, let’s get right down to it!

When it comes to business solutions, AT&T sets a high bar. We’re continually strengthening our product portfolio to stay ahead of growing business trends to help you stay connected and competitive. This includes the need to conduct business while on the go, which is why our mobile solutions enable you to connect from virtually anywhere, at any time, on any device. With our best-in-class network, AT&T is well positioned to help you take advantage of new technologies to grow your business, while providing peace of mind that your connection is both reliable and highly secure.

There has truly never been a more exciting time in our industry than now! Innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT) provide tremendous and unique ways to connect, virtualize and simplify your business. However, these trends also create a more complex environment for business customers to navigate. In a survey of Fortune 500 CEOs, more than 75 percent of the respondents cited the “rapid pace of technological change” as their biggest challenge. Businesses are required to do more, faster, to keep up with the new, technology-enhanced experiences that buyers are demanding.

This heightened buyer complexity increases the value that resellers can bring to the table. Research we conducted in 2012 revealed that mid-market business customers wanted a trusted advisor to pull their whole suite of services together for them – think hardware, software, IT and telecom. So, we set our sights on building a new distribution model for the mid-market segment unlike anything resellers had seen before. We gathered solution providers in a room and asked, “What do you want from a reseller program?” The feedback included: speed, responsiveness, ownership of the end-to-end-customer relationship and self-service capabilities with AT&T solutions to build upon. We listened and got started!

Founded in 2013 and ignited in 90 days, we launched AT&T Partner Exchange®, a first-of-its-kind reseller program. Developed on the principles of collaboration, innovation, agility and openness, the AT&T Partner Exchange program was essentially designed by solution providers, for solution providers. Our goal is to collaborate to help you grow your business. Extending a strategic mix of AT&T branded solutions positions a win for both the solution providers in our program and business end-customers.

Business customers are valuable to our company. Our portfolio of services helps you achieve your goals. Working with our solution provider community offers end-customers the solutions that are right for their specific business needs and gives the solution provider control of their customer relationships.


While AT&T Partner Exchange offers solution providers more choices to build, grow and profit with the AT&T Global Network, our program is part of a larger business segment, AT&T Partner Solutions, which works with wholesalers, agents and resellers. Our vision is to bring our business customers enhanced access to products and services, greater automation and easy ways to engage with us.

I hope you enjoyed the Navigate 2015 conference. Thank you Continuum for hosting a fabulous event! Looking forward to talking more. I can be reached directly at or via my mobile at 469.371.1924.

Have a great week!


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