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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Our Offerings?: MSPtv Navigate Special

Posted August 20, 2015by Tim Lewis




Navigate is 43 days away, and in preparation for the conference of the year we are creating a special Navigate series for MSPtv! This series features some of Navigate's key speakers who will enlighten us on what to expect during their sessions. Kicking off our MSPtv Navigate Special series, we have Continuum's VP of Product Management & Technical Services, Dee Zepf. Dee will fill us in on the various certification classes and product deep-dives that will help you take full advantage of our services. Tune in now!

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Episode Transcription: 

Scott: Hi, I'm Scott Glidden and welcome to a special series of MSPtv. We're going to be talking with folks that are going to be presenting at Navigate, speakers that will be talking about the kinds of subjects that you're interested in to help you improve your business. With me today is Dee Zepf, VP of Product Management and Technical Services. How are you?

Dee: I'm doing real well. How are you?

Scott: Good. Great to have you back on the program.

Dee: Nice to be here.

Scott: Been a while.

Dee: It has been a long while.

Scott: Yeah, we're gonna chat a bit today about what's going on at Navigate, and the kinds of things that our partners would find beneficial. Give me your high elevation view of what Navigate's all about this year.

Dee: Yeah, yeah. No, I'm really looking forward to the show. It was a great experience last year. And for me, Navigate is all about just connecting with our partners, spending time with everyone and really helping them to get the most value out of our products and services. So, of course, we have a few different themes around business and sales. My focus is much more on how you can leverage the Continuum products and services and get the most out of those. And so, a bunch of activities centered around that for show. So really looking forward to it.

Scott: I think it's great this year that we have three tracks -- a partner success track, a technical track, and a business track. I think all of those are very important to the success of our partners and I think we're really . . . I love the agenda. I think we're really focused on our partners this year. Maybe more so than we have in the past. I understand we also have a Continuum booth at the event.

Dee: We do. We do. So, we have, in the Continuum booth this year, we have about seven or eight topics. A couple of deep dives, a deep dive on patching, scripting. We'll have folks from our help desk staffing help desk booth. We're going to have people in from the NOC and Mumbai at the service delivery booth. Our head of backup engineering will be at our Continuity 24/7 booth. Really a whole bunch of different topics. We're going to have product managers, technical account managers, and experts from the groups and they'll be there to have a bunch of conversations and really help dive into a whole set of different areas around Continuum.

Scott: Right. Yeah, and I think that's great when you get to spend that time face to face. Both for our partners to be able to ask direct questions about what they're interested in and how they can improve their relationships with us and the use of our products and so forth. And going towards that, I understand on Sunday, we have some really deep dive technical training going on?

Dee: We do. We have two sessions on Sunday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It's kind of like a Continuum view live. So, it's four hours each of in person training. One focused really in and around patching and scripting, so really heavily on the automation aspects. The second is a deep dive on Continuity 27/7.

Scott: That's great. Wow.

Dee: We'll have the team there to really dive in for folks that want to really figure out how to use things and get some pretty deep technical training.

Scott: Right. That's great. And on Sunday too, we have a CompTIA certification program going on. I'd encourage partners to take a look at the site because there is some pre-class work that you would need to do in order to fulfill the requirements for that technical training certification from CompTIA. Tell me a little bit about the Configuring for Success track. What's going on?

Dee: Yeah, yeah. So, the Configuring for Success Session that I'm presenting is really part of the broader partner success track. What we've done is we pulled together . . . we listened last year and what we heard was that partners really loved to hear from other MSPs, other people like themselves. We designed this track to really be a person or two from the Continuum team partnered up with one or two of our MSP partners, and really delivering out ways that people have been able to leverage our service, leverage our products, work really closely with us to get the most value out of Continuum. So, that's what the whole track is about. Then I have a specific one of our sessions is Configuring for Success. And so I'm presenting that session along with one of our partners and Jill Kennedy from our technical account team. We're really going to go through how to make sure your portal's set up and you have all your passwords in there. You've given The NOC team enough access so that they can get their work done, so that your reports come out all looking good, making sure you have everything set up. We'll also go through and make sure people know about all the peripheral things that are really included as part of the package you buy from Continuum, but not everyone takes advantage of them, so trying to make sure that people really take advantage of what we offer. The third part would be really how to best communicate with us and how to really plug your team in so that we really start to act as an extension of your team. We'll be talking, like I said, with Gary Harlam, one of our existing partners, getting some best practices from him and then also aggregating what we've heard from a bunch of other folks on how to best escalate issues, connect with the NOC team, connect with your account team to really make sure people plug in well.

Scott: Right. And majority of your staff, if not all, are going to be at Navigate?

Dee: Yes, pretty much almost everyone from my team, on the product and the technical services side is gonna be there. We're presenting, in the partner success track, we have a patching, policies, best practices, efficient ways to use scripting. We'll be talking to people on how they use patching, how they use scripting, best practices around client engagement and how you can really take advantage of some of the tools we have to engage your clients, working with our NOC team. We also have Continuum U. They'll be a Continuum U booth where people can go and learn about the certifications and we're redesigning some of the certification programs through Continuum U. So, yeah, we will be out in force at the show.

Scott: Right. That's a great opportunity for our partners to really spend some time with the staff and get the chance to ask them very direct questions about how to best for use practices for their products and such.

Dee: Yeah, absolutely.

Scott: Because honestly, folks, this event is about you and helping you to be successful. Tune back in. We're gonna have some more speakers on MSPtv and hope you'll find the topics that we'll all be covering interesting and relevant to your business. Talk to you soon.


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Tim Lewis came from Emerson College in Boston, he lives and breathes motion pictures. In his spare time he enjoys petting his dog, Duke! Woof!

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