Server 2003 will reach end of life in July 2015. Microsoft estimates that there are as many as 30 million instances of Server 2003 still active. In anticipation of this date, many MSPs have been capitalizing on upgrade projects for the last few years, but another important opportunity awaits. The technology landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years and has intensified over the last 12 months. As cloud options have become more cost-effective and reliable, small businesses are now contemplating if this is the right time to move their IT needs to the cloud. Opportunity is knocking!

The average MSP-supported small business has two options as they ready themselves to pull the plug on Server 2003:

  • Upgrade to another on-premise solution with similar functionality
  • Move to a cloud solution with more enhanced functionality

The real opportunity for MSPs is to offer a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that introduces increased functionality at a decreased price. The key is knowing how to present a vivid side-by-side comparison of on-premise versus DaaS options to the client. MSPs must create a fixed fee bundle that includes:

  • required servers
  • access to their data
  • access to their third party applications
  • back up
  • disaster recovery
  • hosted exchange
  • help desk support.

DaaS is optimal for the client as they avoid the major upfront costs associated with an on-premise project. DaaS also represents a tremendous recurring revenue opportunity for the MSP. It’s a win-win.

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I can also guarantee that if you’re not talking to your clients about the aforementioned cloud offering, another provider is, and it might not be another MSP. Time and time again I am hearing about MSPs losing clients to start up DaaS companies or other hosted solutions. Make sure you have the solution the client wants in your portfolio.

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