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Embracing Your Failures and Setting Big Goals: Advice from Darren Hardy

Posted June 14, 2016by Nate Teplow


 Embracing Your Failures and Setting Big Goals: Advice from Darren Hardy

Back in May, I got the opportunity to attend Robin Robins Boot Camp 2016 in Nashville, TN. Among the many highlights of the conference was a keynote from Darren Hardy, who is a speaker, advisor, former Publisher and CEO of Success Magazine and a New York Times best-selling Author. After his presentation, I got to speak with him about the books he’s authored, how to embrace your failures and best practices for setting and attaining your goals. He provided some fantastic insight that MSPs and entrepreneurs in general can use to push their businesses further and become more successful.


Video Highlights:

  • Darren's in-depth discussion about the books he's authored (starts at 0:27)
  • Darren's advice on learning from your failures and using them as a way to further your MSP business (starts at 4:03)
  • Darren's tips on how to find the right balance when setting and attaining your business goals (starts at 7:11)


If you enjoyed the interview above, and are interested in more takeaways from Robin Robins Boot Camp 2016, listen to our MSP Radio episode!


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Nate's experience spans inbound marketing, content strategy, marketing communications and B2B lead generation. A proud Miami Hurricane alumni, Nate enjoys staying active, traveling to new places and performing A/B tests.

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