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Welcome to Episode 2 of our “Expect the Unexpected” video series! Our goal is to help you prepare for events that you cannot control, making sure you’re ready to protect your clients’ data at all times and provide business continuity, no matter what.

Our topic today is: Human error.

In a recent report published by BetterCloud, it was found that 91% of IT professionals feel vulnerable to insider threats. And they have all the right reasons to be. According to Aberdeen Group, human error represents 73% of the reasons for data loss.

The good news is that with the right disaster recovery plan in place, even if someone makes a mistake, you’ll be ready to restore your clients’ environment quickly and business will be back in full speed in no time.

Planning for the Inevitable

You might think you have the best team in place so this wouldn’t happen to you or to your clients. The truth is, not only non-technical employees can make a mistake. Data incidents may be related to network misconfiguration, data overwrites, files deletion or security gaps. And these can be caused by lack of knowledge or simply because someone skipped a morning cup of coffee.  

BDR tasks are paramount for the success of any business as they bring peace-of-mind and business continuity. But this is only the case if your disaster recovery plan has been properly implemented. And we know how this requires repetitive and time-consuming work.

Watch the video above for more tips on how to devise and execute on a successful disaster recovery plan. And stay tuned for Part 3 of this series!

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