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Explaining "The Cloud" to Your Clients [VIDEO]

Posted November 12, 2018by Meaghan Moraes


When it comes to solving the IT concerns of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), “the cloud” is now a glaring contender. You’ve probably heard that the cloud has revolutionized business operations—because digital transformation is driving businesses to use multiple environments across on-premises and cloud. Yet, while it remains an industry buzzword, it’s not simple to explain what the cloud is to your prospects and customers that likely have many unanswered questions.

By clearly defining “the cloud,” demystifying common cloud misconceptions and offering recommendations for MSPs, this next video in our Explaining IT to Your Clients series will help guide you through those client conversations.

Keys to The Cloud

The simplest way to describe the cloud is as a remote, shared infrastructure that any business can use for compute or for storage. For an MSP, the cloud is really just another infrastructure option to meet the unique needs and workloads of your end client. So when discussing, it should center on optimizing the workload based on objective. 

A recent report shows that companies that take advantage of cloud and similar IT technologies have a much higher growth rate than their competitors—which is why the education and guidance you offer as an MSP will ultimately set your clients up for success and, in addition, improve your profitability. 

Use the above video to explain the cloud to your clients in real terms, assuring them that you’re offering technology that wasn’t retrofitted to support the cloud, but that was built in the cloud and for the cloud. Flexibility for the right environment and for the right workload helps ensure confidence that recommendations are based on optimal solutions versus limited options.


Need to take a step back and explain the concept of "the cloud" to your client? Start with our eBook:

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Meaghan Moraes is a Content Marketing Manager at Continuum, focusing on inbound and content marketing efforts surrounding cybersecurity and threat management. With several years of agency and tech marketing experience, Meaghan specializes in driving leads and conversion with her strategic and creative digital marketing content. In her spare time, she enjoys writing poetry, playing the piano, boxing, and exploring Boston’s best restaurants.

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