So, how are those resolutions going? Hopefully you've stuck with them to this point... Today, we continue our "10 Day IT Resolution Challenge" with a goal that should be on everyone's beginning-of-the-year list, to give back - not just to charities, but to your clients and employees as well!

Charitable causes are something everyone can become more involved in. Last year, Continuum, a company that provides preferential consideration in hiring men and women who've served in our nation's armed forces, committed to helping veterans find civilian jobs through the Continuum Veterans Foundation (CVF). Working with Hire Heroes USA, Continuum was able to help 101 veterans find jobs. This was TWICE the goal that Continuum set at the beginning. Charity work can be ongoing. With Continuum as sole donor to CVF, a large percentage of Help Desk revenue contributes to the Foundation.

Resolution: Accomplished.

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But while you should put an emphasis on helping those in need (and you DEFINITELY should), the kind of charity that we're talking about is related to your clients and employees.

Show the Love

Are your employees happy? Take a minute to think about that. If you're dealing with employees who are unhappy in the work place, you're eventually going to see a decreased level of production. Don't let your employees get overworked or burnt out. If one of your technicians is coming off a stellar year, reward them with some time off. It's important to gauge the morale of your employees. If you find out that you have a high level of employee satisfaction, find out what is leading to that, and do more of it. 

If you learn that your employees aren't particularly thrilled about coming into work everyday, it's time to evaluate how you can help change that. Take advantage of some peer groups or forums where you can find out what tactics other MSP business owners are using to keep their employees happy. 

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Remember, even if your employees are operating and performing at a high level, it doesn't mean that they're particularly happy doing it. It's about sustaining that high level of performance. Facilitating a work environment in which your staff dreads waking up in the morning is one way to see employee productivity deteriorate.

Make Your Clients Feel Valued

Just as important as keeping your employees happy is keeping your clients happy. Even if you boast an extremely low average speed to answer (ASA), what good is it if your clients are hanging up frustrated over treatment or lack of problem resolution? A low level of satisfaction can lead to a high level of client churn. It's important for your technicians to make your clients feel as though their issue is important. Rushing them off the phone or putting off their issues is a surefire way to send your customers running to your competition.

How do you know if you clients are happy? Ask them! Surveying your customer base can serve as an extremely effective way to gauge their satisfaction with your business. Perhaps you find out that your technicians are doing a great job of fixing problems, but their interpersonal skills are making clients feel uncomfortable. Well, now you know exactly when you need work on in order to improve their level of satisfaction.

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Providing your customers with well-thought-out, useful content can also have them singing your praises. Does your MSP business manage a blog? If so, perhaps you put some more thought into what your clients could benefit from reading. If not, it's time to get on that! Remember to provide educational content that solves a problem or makes their job easier.

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If you're feeling extra charitable this year, you can even strive to go above and beyond when it comes to making your clients feel valued. Next time there's a holiday, send customers a message, wishing them and their families well. A little charity can go a long way when it comes to keeping your customers smiling.