Health care data breaches have increased 10-fold since 2014 even though breaches from stolen or lost devices have decreased dramatically. Meanwhile, police officers in Texas are using new technology to collect unpaid court fines. To hear more, just click play!


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Hey everyone welcome back for another episode of IT Rewind. This is our 65th episode of IT Rewind, the same number as former Minnesota Viking and Denver Bronco, Gary Zimmerman. On today’s episode we take a look at the amount of health care record breaches in 2015 and, trust me, the number is a lot higher than you’d imagine. Lets do it.

According to Bitglass, more than 113 million people had their health care records compromised in 2015, a number that is 10 times larger than the one recorded just a year ago. In 2014, 68% of medical record breaches were due to lost or stolen devices. This year, that number dropped to 2%. The other 98% was due to large-scale breaches. According to Rich Campagna, the VP of products at Bitglass, cyber criminals tended to use standard methods to compromise the information. Campagna encourages companies to train employees to spot phishing attacks and other security threats 

Police in Texas are now actively using payment card systems in their squad cars to allow those with unpaid court fines to settle their debt on the spot. A company called Vigilant Solutions provides the police department with a license plate scanning system that lets the patrolling officer know if the driver of a given vehicles owes court fees. Once pulled over, the driver is given the opportunity to settle on the spot through use of the payment card reader in the officer’s vehicle. If they don’t want to pay, they can be arrested on the spot for the unpaid fees. Here’s the catch though, the fines are increased by 25% if paid for on the spot and that extra money goes straight to Vigilant. While it sounds like a good idea on the surface, the police don’t get to access Vigilant’s database, so the private company gets to keep and use all of the data, even when the contract expires.

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