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News is still buzzing about Super Bowl LI. Whether you’re a Patriots fan, a Falcons fan or just watched for the commercials, you can’t deny that it was an outstanding game. A large part of what made it so great was the two prominent teams that faced off. Building a great team is critical to success, both in the sports world and when it comes to your MSP business. While we couldn’t book Belichick for our most recent MSP Radio episode, we did get to sit down with Mike Barnes, Director of Partner Engagement at Continuum, to chat about what it takes to build a great team and how it leads to business success.

Here is Mike’s advice on what makes a great team:

“I think there are so many things that can account for what makes teams good and what makes teams great. One of the most important things though, and this a lot of times comes from leadership, is just having a collective vision. Having one common goal across the team is paramount. If people aren’t heading in the same direction and don’t know what they’re working towards, I think it’s really tough to have unity and have folks working together to achieve that common goal.” 

When thinking about what makes a team great on a more granular level, it’s all about having the right players that work together. Finding the right fit for your organization can make all the difference, here’s what Mike has to say about how to know you’re hiring the right people with the right skillsets:

“A lot of times what you need to do is just focus on getting the right pieces in place more so than the right talent. And I know that might be tough to do if there’s someone out there that you interviewed and think ‘wow this guy or girl would be phenomenal to bring in’. If you’re trying to fill the role of a Quarterback, just because you have a talented Running Back on the chart, doesn’t mean you bring them into Quarterback. You can’t have 11 quarterbacks, you can’t have 11 wide receivers, everyone has their own specialization and talents that are particular to one role. So I think when you’re hiring your team, it’s similar to that. It might be tough to pass on somebody, but if they’re not going to fill a gap that you have within your company or within your department, it’s not going to make the most sense to bring that person in at that time.” 

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