How to Establish a Clear and Powerful Vision for Your MSP Business

As a managed services provider (MSP) owner, you’ve given everything to your business, but have you ever felt as though you’ve run out of steam or hit the ceiling? Don’t worry, this can be common for many entrepreneurs, businesses and departments. But if you take a step back and work to create a solid vision for your company—one that a team can rally behind—it can help you take your MSP business to the next level.

On a recent MSP Radio episode, we welcomed Mike Paton from EOS Worldwide to discuss how MSPs can create a clear and powerful vision for their company. Mike spoke from personal experience on why he decided to rethink his business’ mission and look for an operational model for his business, and here are his key insights.

“You can’t run a great business on multiple operating systems, you must choose one. We don’t believe that EOS is the right way for every business owner to run his or her business, but we do believe that you and your leadership team need to agree on a single operating system for your business, because if you’re battling about how we’re going to run things around here, you really can’t focus your time and energy on the important stuff.”

Mike then went on to discuss why it is so important to have a strong and clear vision for your company:

“Most entrepreneurs don’t get what they want from their businesses, and they don’t achieve their vision. And what we’ve found is that the reason is not that there’s no vision, it’s because often there’s too much vision in an organization as it grows…What happens to most entrepreneurs is that you wake up one day and you’ve got 10, 20 or 30 people reporting to you and you’re no longer an entrepreneur, you’re running a business! And all of those 10, 20 or 30 people may not share your vision for what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Click here to listen to Mike’s full episode and learn his key strategies for setting an effective vision for your company.

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