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What MSPs and VARs Can Learn from Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Dusty Springfield:

Posted September 7, 2015by Thomas J. Elliot


Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte and Dusty Springfield all have recommendations for managed IT services providers (MSPs) and value added resellers (VARs)...

If I am a Managed Services Provider and my customers are asking me about taking care of their Voice Communications needs along with their networks, personal computers, data storage/backup, what should I do? 

Take Action & Decide

During World War II, Winston Churchill had a saying that he used all the time to inspire and bolster his fellow British citizens and the British armed forces….”Action This Day” was what he said to folks every day. 

One of the biggest problems that many businesses face is not embodied in the errors of their long term plans, goals and objectives, but more often it is a problem of what to do right now. Napoleon said that the most difficult problem anyone faced was having "to Decide.” Combining this idea with taking action, businesses must "Decide quickly and get on with it” if they expect to grow.

Every month at Allworx, we sign up resellers of our product line in several cities across the United States and Canada. These resellers want to become Authorized Allworx Partners. They have found that they can easily get into IP telephony and make a significant value change to their business by signing up with Allworx. They quickly decide to take action by buying a demo kit and sending techs to class at no charge. Because of this, these resellers position themselves ahead of their competitors in the VOIP communications marketplace.

Come Visit Us at Navigate! 

We at Allworx think that Navigate, Continuum's annual user conference, is a great place for us to describe to interested VARS what it’s like to add Voice communications to your already successful product portfolios. Support systems are necessary from the manufacturer and from distribution partners. Having put these systems in place over many years, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how business value can be greatly enhanced by participating in areas of the business such as Mobility and Wireless, Desk Top CRM Applications and Call Accounting Packages. 

A complete portfolio creates a ‘Revenue Stack,’ and Navigate 2015 is going to be a great place to start working on constructing just that – more and more products, along with ongoing revenue streams. And of course, margins are always a primary focus for the Channel. The right combination of hardware and software that meet the needs of voice communications buyers can be a critical pivot point in insuring that not only are sales made, but that key profitability targets are met.

To become a dealer talk to us at the CT Distributing booth. CTD is a long time Allworx nationwide distributor and can work with you on buying the demo kit, getting signed up with them as our distributor, and also show you third party products that make adding needed items like switches, door boxes, and paging gears to an install easy and money-making. 

Dont Fall Back on Springfield

So take Mr. Churchill’s advice and seek ‘Action this Day’, and as Napoleon would have you do, ‘Decide’ and move forward. Don’t get caught in that old trap that Dusty Springfield sang and warned about…’Wishin’ and Hopin’...start Plannin’ and Dreamin’ about a future in the VOIP Communications business, and sign up as an Allworx partner now.

Want more great content from our conference sponsors? Follow our Navigate 2015 stream here!


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Tom Elliott is the Director of Sales and Business Development for Allworx Corp., a subsidiary of Windstream Inc., where he is responsible for their worldwide sales program. Previously, Mr. Elliott has been in the high tech and telecommunications industries for over 35 years, having been President and CEO of companies involved in equipment design and manufacture, deployment of nationwide broadband networks, and has headed up companies engaged in product and network sales on a global basis. Immediately prior to joining Allworx, Mr. Elliott was Chief Operating Officer of The Hawkeye Group, a company engaged in acquisitions and funding for a series of start up companies in the telecommunications industry in the US and Canada. He is the former President of TIE Communications Canada, USN Communications, Call Net LTD and former Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Wiltel. Mr. Elliott began his career in operations with the Rochester Telephone Corporation (now part of Frontier) after receiving his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Economics from the University of Windsor. He is a past officer of industry associations in the US and Canada and is a past recipient of the annual KPMG Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Great Lakes Region, as part of their nationwide high tech recognition program.

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