Are you effectively leveraging PR for your managed IT services business? You may not think it's a necessary communication channel to explore, but as with any business, it's crucial MSPs put their best public foot forward! So maybe you're beginning to explore social platforms like LinkedIn for local SMB prospecting, but by amplifying that messaging with smart PR techniques, you can maximize your reach! You're in the referral business. Use local media outlets as your soapbox to attract new customers and remind current partners why they partnered with you in the first place! Positive public praise legitimizes your business in the eyes of your prospects! In this episode of MSPtv, Tracy Wemett of Broad PR and Regina Ciardiello of C-R-Dello Comm. Inc. discuss success stories and how MSPs can use PR to generate new leads and bolster their brand!  

  • [00:24] Why should MSPs be concerned about PR?
    • Many MSPs think it’s hard to conduct PR, it’s not
    • Post/tweet about the latest happenings with your business
    • Gives you an opportunity to talk about yourself
    • Talk about how you are getting involved in your local community
    • Build relationships with the media and its major influencers
  • [04:44] Do you have an example of an MSP who had a successful PR campaign?
    • An editorial wanted to talk to a female IT person for a story, Broad PR was able to connect them to such a person
    • Even MSPs who don’t have a PR firm can pull off similar results
    • Continuum can help put their partners on the right path to good PR 
  • [06:15] Why is SEO (search engine optimization) important?
    • A local TV news station in Milwaukee, WI wanted to interview an IT expert about CryptoLocker. They found a local IT business owner just by googling for IT businesses in their area.
    • Giving back to the local community is a great source of PR.
  • [08:56] Closing thoughts on PR
    • It’s not as difficult as it sounds
    • Start with Continuum’s resources
    • Vendor partners can help you get into PR
    • The media prefers to talk directly to IT people rather than PR people

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