Identifying your prospects' and clients' pain points is challenging and time-consuming. However, MSPs can automate this process by using network assessment tools. Remember the days when you had to tirelessly gather prospect data by scouring the web, making multiple phone calls, and scheduling numerous in-person meetings? It took months to properly research their businesses and its weaknesses, all the while they'd grow impatient.  

Today, however, network assessment tools can provide detailed visibility into a prospect's environment in a matter of minutes! How does this benefit your business? Conducting free assessments can generate new business and provide you with reports to track in Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). Moreover, it improves your overall customer satisfaction, setting yourself apart from the competition. 


Win New Business 

You finally score a meeting with a prospect you have been trying to get in touch with for months. How do you make sure you walk away with the sale? Meeting with new people is challenging. You try to figure out how your products and services will meet their needs, all while being personable and charming. Sounds nerve wracking! Network assessments can get you halfway there by providing a one-time, basic assessment that identifies areas for improvement and new project opportunities. Look for a tool that doesn't simply create a laundry list of findings, but goes a step further and highlights issues, detects anomalies and recommends possible solutions. Using the reports generated from the scans is an easy way to set yourself apart from all the other proposals your prospects receive from your competition. 

Enhance Quarterly Business Reviews 

You should be holding regular client review meetings to talk about everything that is and isn't working. Don't waste this opportunity to also cross-sell or upsell any of your products and services. Some network assessment tools feature a built-in QBR Report that you can leverage to compare one time period to a previous one. This report centers on changes rather than detailed data and shows overall trends. Using a network assessment tool on a regular basis gives you the added advantage of gaining more "face-to-face" time with your client, which is crucial to developing a strong and trustworthy relationship with them! Once you become their valued technology partner, making additional sales will become easier. You'll be better able to gauge what they need, and they'll listen to your suggestions. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your clients want to see documentation of how your products and services directly benefit them, but it's often difficult to show small-to-medium-sized businesses how important it is to have managed IT services. A network assessment report demonstrates your worth as a virtual CIO (vCIO) by providing actionable items that will save you and your client money and headaches! After running a couple of reports, some network assessment tools provide so much overwhelming data. Instead, look for a tools with a network management plan that will help you and your clients prioritize issues based on the issue's risk score. Such a report will create a listing of all affected computers, users, or sub-systems along with recommended actions. When you show them this inventory, customers will appreciate how organized and proactive you are and will know they're in good hands.

Existing Tools

Continuum's Network Assessment powered by Rapid Fire Tools

Continuum recognizes this opportunity for MSP business growth and has partnered with Rapid Fire Tools to provide a Network Assessment tool to our partners. Rapid Fire Tools Network Assessments let you:

  • Personalize reports with your company name and logo 
  • Generate an unlimited number of reports 

Different reports you can run in the Network Assessment tool: 

Rapid Fire Tools Network Assessments are quick and easy to run. Offer them for free to both prospects and partners. Then, follow-up by presenting any of the following reports:

  • Client Risk Summary Report 
  • Full Network Assessment Report 
  • Asset Detail Report 
  • Change-Management Report 
  • XP Migration Readiness Report


Are you a Continuum partner? Learn more about how to take advantage of this tool by registering for our upcoming webinar, Find More Leads and Close Them Faster with Network Assessment from Continuum, taking place on Thursday, October 15, 2015 2:00 PM-3:00 PM ET. Tune in for a brief demonstration of how to use the tool when prospecting! We'll walk you through key, customizable reports like the Client Risk report. Also known as the money maker, this report summarizes your prospect's overall risk score based on the scan, illustrating problem areas with easy-to-follow charts. Each of these vulnerabilities represents an opportunity for you to prove why your managed IT services are their best solution!

Download our webinar, and use network assessments in your pre-sales and selling efforts! 


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