How to Showcase Company Culture on Your Website

We’ve discussed how your website is one of the first impressions a potential customer has of your company. The design of your site is important and helps you stand out from your competitors, but your website is also an opportunity to share your story. Your company has a culture all its own, thanks to the people, products and partners that make it what it is. There are many ways to highlight these aspects of your business throughout your entire website.

Interactive About Us and Careers Pages

The most important place to showcase company culture on your website is on your About Us/Company page and Careers page. The About Us page is where visitors, both prospects and potential employees, will go to learn about your organization and what sets you apart from competitors. You’ll want to highlight your company philosophy, your team and key differentiators by listing the certifications and awards your company has earned. 

Your Careers page is the most crucial page when attracting prospective employees. Keep this page simple, but show your personality. Make your job listings easy to find and offer different ways of looking for positions by allowing them to filter by location or department, for example. 

A good element to have on both of these pages is testimonials from employees and partners discussing what they enjoy about either working for or being a client of your company. Be sure to have a good mix of quotes from people of different departments and lines of business. 

Company Culture Pictures and Videos are Key

If there is only one takeaway from this blog, please let it be to take this vow: “I will not use stock photography in place of actual employees.” Internet users have gotten more and more savvy and can spot a stock photo from a mile away. Don’t let your company culture pages be bogged down by fake pictures when you have your own real, live people to take photos of. Using stock photos in other places like a blog is more acceptable, but don’t ever tout a stock photo as someone in your company.

Same thing goes for videos. Pictures and videos of your employees will liven up your pages tenfold. Don’t just talk about a recent cornhole tournament; show it with pictures or a recap video! Testimonials can be made that much more powerful with the use of imagery.

Videos also give people an inside look at what it’s like to work for your company, which goes back to keeping it simple. Don’t make it hard for people to picture what it’s like to be an employee at your company, give them every opportunity possible to see it for themselves. 

On our Company and Careers pages, we include a slider of quotes and pictures that showcase our company culture, like so:

How to Showcase Company Culture On Your Website

Create a Company News Blog

Crafting and maintaining a thought-leadership blog is pivotal in developing authority and driving traffic to your website. Similarly, a company blog or newsletter is equally as important in showcasing the personality of your company and bringing your brand to life. 

Creating a second blog can sound daunting, it may be tough just to keep your first blog running smoothly, but this doesn’t have to be difficult. This second, company news-type blog or newsletter can have the same look and feel as your other blog or newsletter. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

The only difference is the content. It doesn’t make much sense from a readership perspective to offer these differing types of blog posts on the same outlet. Someone that’s interested in reading about the latest trends in cybersecurity might not be as interested in the newest addition to your executive team.

So what do you write about? This blog should include any news or events pertinent to the culture of your organization. Some topics to consider: company events like a holiday or big product launch, spotlights on employees or award wins. Anything that shows the people and the things that make your company what it is. By the way, all of this company culture content is perfect for sharing on social! Say it again, “I will not use stock photography in place of actual employees!”

Check out this recent blog post on the Continuum Company News blog for inspiration!

Don’t Forget About Search Engine Optimization

So now you’ve got simple, yet interactive About Us and Careers pages, fantastic imagery and company news content. The next step is to help drive people to your site through search engine optimization (SEO). You want to make sure that your Careers page is the first thing that shows up when people search for [Company Name] careers.

Be mindful of on-page SEO elements like your page titles, page headers, page URL, image alt-tags, and keywords. Link building is also really important with these pages. It’s important to have high-ranking and authoritative websites linking to your Company and Careers page. Glassdoor and the Muse are two great job-board websites that you can point to your pages.


Learn more about website optimization with this handy guide: