Managing the IT environment of even a single company can be challenging—that’s why businesses hire MSPs to do it for them. For an MSP that manages dozens or hundreds of clients, however, the challenges multiply. Not every company wants the same things out of their MSP. What remains constant is that the brunt of all these differing priorities falls squarely upon the technician.

Most technicians find value in helping to solve clients issues—but some work can be more rewarding, and less rewarding work can leave you feeling drained and stuck.

Many technicians find themselves stuck in the latter—distracted by unnecessary alerts, patching processes, printer troubleshooting and other mundane tasks instead of being able to work on the higher value, higher impact projects. 

Here are some of the factors that may be getting between techs and the opportunity to do more rewarding work.

Too Much Busy Work

As a technician, you want to add value to your clients and your company through impactful work that adds efficiency at low costs.

In the course of a single day, you might be called on to reset someone’s password, setup a new computer, install a printer and address any number of false-positive alerts. Your IDS might throw an alert saying that a file is a virus, or that your network is down, or that a program needs a patch. Some MSP specialists, such as SOC technicians, can receive up to 1 million alerts per day.

Distractions Add Up

Research shows that switching from your primary task—strategic management—to secondary tasks—clicking “go away” on an intrusive alert —can sap your cognitive momentum. Following even a simple interruption, it can take up to 20 minutes for people to get back on track. In other words, these little tasks have small returns. They drag your productivity down without allowing you to increase your value as a worker.

Ideally, you’d be able to divert little problems like this to the back of the queue or combine them with other equal-priority tasks from the same client so you can knock out a bunch of quick wins in a row. There are some tasks that you might even want to delegate to an external NOC service. This gives you the ability to keep on top of breakages while retaining the ability to consult on strategic issues.

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