Whether you are getting started with selling backup and disaster recovery in your MSP business or looking for a boost to your existing sales efforts, our Business Continuity Sales Success Kit can help you close more deals and win more clients. Designed to be used throughout your sales funnel, from lead generation to presentation to contract signing, this kit provides ample resources that can be completely customized to best suit your business, as well as actionable, informative and educational content—such as scripts, talk tracks and more—to train new sales team members about the unique benefits and sales propositions inherent to backup and disaster recovery platforms.

While it may be used with any BDR sales, The Business Continuity Sales Success Kit is designed to be used seamlessly with Continuum BDR, our fully-managed backup and disaster recovery platform. MSPs who leverage the kit in conjunction with offering Continuum BDR will find it an excellent complement to the features and benefits it provides as well as other marketing materials you may already be using for the platform.

Inside the Business Continuity Sales Success Kit, you will find

  • Customizable, white label sales and marketing collateral, including
    • Emails
    • Website copy
    • Worksheets and checklists
    • Presentation materials
    • And more
  • Informative and educational content, including
    • Discovery questions
    • Talking points
    • Voicemail scripts
    • Presentation tips
    • And more
  • A “getting started” guide, detailing how and when to use each component of the kit in your sales process


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BDR Sales Success Kit