Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping craze, but shoppers won't just be piling into their SUVs to score hot ticket items. With the ease of use and convenience of sites like Amazon, e-commerce has increasingly become the preferred way to make purchases, a trend that is expected to reach new heights this season. In fact, research firm eMarketer predicts online sales will total $95 billion!

During this time of the year, the Internet becomes a hotbed of cybercriminal activity. And with so many people opting to order gifts from the comfort of their office cubicle or tapping credit card details on their smartphones, data protection is vital. Now's the perfect time to convince business owners that they need to have a reliable business continuity solution in place! 

Perhaps you struggle to market and sell your backup and disaster recovery (BDR) offering, however. What if I told you there was a turnkey (no, not turkey) pack of assets designed to help you? That you could generate leads in as little as one week? You'd probably feel better about spending your weekend stuffing yourself with leftovers and Netflix binging if you knew you had a ready-made marketing campaign waiting for you when you returned to work on Monday...

Introducing the new Business Continuity Content Pack! This collection of materials and resources is designed to help you accelerate the MSP sales process, growing annual revenue generated by your BDR offering. The assets in this pack should be used to compliment your current marketing efforts, helping you to attract new visitors to your website, convert them into leads and close them into clients. 

Don’t let tryptophan get in the way of growing your business! This pack is designed to help you take the conversation beyond traditional backup and convince clients and prospects of the value of true business continuity.

Inside the Business Continuity Content Pack, you will find:

  • A “getting started” guide, detailing how to best use each asset of the pack
  • Customizable, white-label sales and marketing collateral, including
    • Emails
    • Quick tips and checklists
    • Key talking points
    • Presentation materials
    • and much more!

Want a sneek peak? Here's one of the talking points and example social media messaging to help you facilitate the BDR sale:

Disaster Preparedness and Reliability

A downtime or data loss event should not be the first time you use a BDR solution. The only way to protect your business from the risks associated with data disaster is to implement a BDR solution today, because it gives you a reliable safety net to fall back on. Not only will quick and frequent backups limit data loss, but having a proper recovery process in place can help mitigate other damages in the long run. Even in the face of unpredictable events, you can rest assured that you’ll have a reliable solution implemented whenever you need it.


40% of businesses go out of business immediately after disaster strikes. Will you be prepared?

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