It’s a unique time to be an IT services provider. The channel trade winds are blowing fiercely, and to see real progress in growing your business, you need to know which opportunities are the most promising and which challenges require your urgent attention.

That’s why I’m looking forward to attending Navigate 2014, Continuum’s inaugural 3-day user conference in Boston’s Seaport district. It’s where many of the channel’s brightest minds will meet to talk business strategy, industry trends, and more.

It’s also a chance for the Intronis team to lend our perspective on channel opportunities and explain how we aim to drive our partners’ success now and in the future.

I really enjoy any opportunity to interact with services providers directly, because it gives me the chance to learn more about what drives your technology and business decisions.

Preparing for The Future of IT Services

From our recent Intronis 360° partner roadshows in Boston, New York, and Chicago, we’ve learned that many IT services providers aren’t only focused on the present – you’re preparing for the future of IT services.

You see how mobile and the cloud are changing your customers’ work and IT expectations. As a result, you evaluate ways to deliver solutions that enable better productivity.

You see how the plummeting price of cloud storage is eating into your profit margins, and you think about creative pricing strategies to replace the ineffective price-per-gigabyte model.

You’re also in-tune to the security risks that challenge businesses every day. Maybe you already subscribe to the theory that data protection is a critical component to a proactive security approach. Or maybe you need to understand more about the relationship between protecting your data and keeping your SMBs safe from threats like phishing, ransomware, and viruses.

Finally, you’re very likely aware that to establish yourself as a trusted IT advisor, you need to go beyond the traditional IT admin-break/fix mentality. It’s a mindset that is driving many partners to think big around delivering holistic IT services, faster disaster recovery, and more flexible cloud-based solutions.

Turning Trends into Business Opportunities at Navigate

These are some of the business and technology trends sure to inspire great discussions, insight, and opportunity at Navigate 2014.

These trends are also some of the driving forces behind our company and product direction, aligning our vision directly to the goals and objectives you hope to achieve in the coming months and years.

I’ll be manning Booth 5 in the conference hall with our Regional Sales Director Kirk Buggy. Be sure to stop by to see how Intronis ECHOplatform integrates with Continuum RMM. Intronis is also sponsoring charging stations throughout the event hall—so enjoy the charge, on us!

Intronis is looking forward so we can better invest in our partners’ future success. At Navigate 2014, we hope to connect with you and explain exactly how our vision lines up with yours, and how we intend to create new opportunity for your business.

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