Greetings from Boston at Navigate 2018, Continuum’s user conference focused on empowering our MSP partners with the tools and insight they need to define their path and achieve success in the IT space. Over the next three days, we will be live blogging this great event—covering all the valuable content, announcements, and highlights that Navigate has to offer.

Here are our top stories from the first day of Navigate 2018.

Grow Your Business Hub Opens for Business

For the fourth year in a row, the Grow Your Business Hub is a must-see partner  favorite, this year offering six unique stations: 

  1. Blog Management and Optimization
  2. SEO and Google Ranking
  3. Website Conversion and Lead Generation
  4. Lead Nurture and the Modern Buyer’s Journey
  5. Cyber Security Go-To-Market Strategy and Resources
  6. Customer Marketing and Engagement 

The Grow Your Business Hub is a one-stop shop for hands-on marketing support and consultations at Navigate. At the Hub, we’re focused on taking sales and marketing programs to the next level by providing actionable insights and feedback, personalized consultations and much more. Attendees can interact directly with members of Continuum’s marketing experts at different stations designed to support key marketing growth initiatives for your business—all available to maximize the value of your Navigate experience.

Note to Navigate Attendees: The GYB Hub is booking up fast! If you’d like to reserve an appointment for the upcoming days, simply click here or make your way to the Hub, located in the Partner Showcase.


CEO Keynote: Scale the Summit

The first event on our main stage truly set the bar high. In his keynote, Scale the Summit, Continuum CEO Michael George delivered his vision for the managed services industry, linking to key elements of mountaineering and how success will only come to those who are ready and able to go after it.

Some of the key themes he covered include the predicted shift in the market to be dominated by the top 20 percent of MSPs, the increasing proximity of cyber-attacks, and how security is the disruptor that cloud never turned out to be. Most importantly, Michael discussed how Continuum can help guide MSPs through the challenges and landscape that lies ahead, through the unveiling of the Continuum Security Go-To-Market Business Plan. 

The plan is a comprehensive program that gives providers proven advice, go-to-market strategies, access to marketing and sales assets and other content, enabling MSP leaders to tackle the challenges ahead powered by Continuum’s industry knowledge.

“If MSPs are to survive the disruption that security will bring to the industry, they need to be ready for the hard work ahead,” Michael George said. “And, they need more than an industry-leading solution to succeed during this market shift. That’s why we created the Continuum Security Go-To-Market Business Plan, knowing that MSPs need the right combination of technology and knowledge to win in this marketplace.”

Take a look at some of the many other highlights from Michael’s keynote: 


Continuum Security Cyber Attack Simulator

Live on the Partner Showcase floor, the Cyber Attack Simulator is a must-see event! It’s the first of its kind at Navigate, giving attendees an interactive look into how Continuum’s Security Operations Center (SOC) works with you to detect and respond to an active cyber threat.

Partners just loved getting the chance to interact with our team of experts in this attack environment. Below are just a few highlights from day one, and the Cyber Attack Simulator will continue to run through the remainder of Navigate 2018. Don’t miss your chance to check it out! 


Thank You Exhibitor Sponsors

A big thanks to all of our exhibitor sponsors that help make the Partner Showcase floor so fun and lively:

  • ESET North America
  • TAG
  • Central by LogMeIn
  • Splashtop
  • CloudJumper
  • Taylor Business Group
  • Pulsar 360
  • HTG
  • RackApps
  • EventTracker
  • Nerdio
  • Passportal
  • ID Agent
  • BrightGauge
  • MindMatrix
  • KeepIt
  • Managed Services Platform
  • Uplevel Systems
  • The Channel Company

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recap of day one of Navigate 2018! Tune in tomorrow as we bring you even more highlights from day two and beyond.


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