weekly_recap_blog-may26-30This week, we're ending May by serving up all the latest MSP headlines. Have you been keeping up? What was the most noteworthy article this month? Drop a line with the link in the comment section below! Without further ado, may we present your MSP weekly digest... 






Continuum's Must-Read Blog Post This Week 

10 MUST-haves in an RMM + NOC Provider [Slideshare]



A third-party RMM/NOC provider is like an MSP for the MSP. MSPs help their customers focus on their core competencies that produce revenue, while third-party providers:

  • free MSPs from cost and labor challenges so they can develop more accounts
  • bring more devices under management
  • increase utilization and revenue potential through expanded and advanced managed IT service offerings.



Cyber Threats & The SMB

TrueCrypt warns that it is not secure, advises users to switch to BitLocker

Graham Cluley,  

"The development of TrueCrypt was ended in 5/2014 after Microsoft terminated support of Windows XP. Windows 8/7/Vista and later offer integrated support for encrypted disks and virtual disk images. Such integrated support is also available on other platforms (click here for more information). You should migrate any data encrypted by TrueCrypt to encrypted disks or virtual disk images supported on your platform."

EBay Demonstrates How Not to Respond to a Huge Data Breach

Wired, , Andy Greenberg,  

Ransomware Attacks Small Businesses

Before It's News, 

"While some businesses give in to DoS extortion demands, others won’t have it. Attacks usually start with relatively small demands, such as $300, to see who’s game. The demands will get pumped up into the thousands quickly once a businessperson pays the initial demand: Pay once, and it’s never over."

PwC: How to Protect Customers From Today's Cyber Threats

MSPmentor, , Dan Kobialka,  


Managed IT Services as a Best Practice & Best Practices

Managed Services Outsourcing Will Rise Through 2016, Says American Digital State of SAP Report

Business Wire,  

"American Digital Corporation, an advanced information technology (IT) solutions provider, today released its 2014 State of SAP Report, which reveals five trends driving SAP use this year. 61 percent of IT leaders plan to invest in outsourced managed services in the next two years, while only 39 percent will depend on in-house resources for SAP support."

Breaking Bad Part 4: How to Choose the Right Vendor Relationships

SMB Nation, , Astro Brelsford


MSPAlliance, , Charles Weaver,  

"SSAE 16, like its predecessor SAS 70, uses controls and control objectives to determine what will be covered in the audit report and what will be left out. Having the wrong controls can leave the reader with more questions than answers, especially if the reader is a customer looking for assurance about the managed services organization being audited." 

Misguided Sales Beliefs that Wreak Havoc on Business Results

The VAR Guy, @thevarguy, Kendra Lee,   



Why MSPs Should Partner With BDR Customers

MSPmentor, , CJ Arlotta,  

 "A long-term relationship and partnership will be developed after you acquire a new BDR customer. Your customer is deciding to do business with you, not your BDR product or any other solution in your portfolio."

5 Data Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Lessons from May

MSPmentor, CJ Arlotta,  


Cloudy with a chance of more clouds:

The Cloud Is an Evolution, Not a Revolution

Channel Partners Online,  

Cloud Has Promise for Office Equipment Dealers

imageSource Magazine, @imagesourcemag, Michael Amiri 

"With large cloud providers heavily pitching small-and-medium-sized business (SMB) customers directly, the cloud is potentially quite disruptive to office equipment dealers. In selling cloud services to SMBs, it’s important for dealers to be mindful of these competitive forces and the potential impact of a Google and/or Microsoft delivering cloud services to the SMB, leaving the dealer out of the equation." 

Mobile and Cloud Computing Topped the List of Moneymaker IT Portfolio in 2013

GreatResponder, Maria Dehn,  


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