The managed services market is set to grow rapidly in 2014 and many office equipment resellers are looking to break into managed services as a way to grow their revenue stream. In this episode of MSPtv, Mark Connolly, Continumm's VP of Sales, sits down with Mitch Morgan and Chris Ryne of Growth Achievement Partners to discuss how office equipment providers can establish themselves in the managed services market and take advantage of such a quickly growing industry. 


If you're an office equipment reseller, you have the potential to achieve up to 60% margins in managed services. We've worked with GAP to develop a revolutionary new business model for making the move to managed IT services, designed specifically for OE resellers. This business model is built on a number of core principles and leverages a chart of accounts to help you build a strong pipeline of new opportunities. Get your copy now!
How to Achieve 60% Margins in Managed Services
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