What’s on the horizon given the new trend in cloud services? This week’s episode of MSPtv continues our previous Cloud Conversation. As cloud usage increases, how is the MSP marketplace affected? Should we expect rain? Dee Zepf shares her forecast here!Have any suggestions for an MSPtv episode? Want to give us your feedback? Email us at mspnow@continuum.net and let us know what you think!

Episode Outline:

  •    Welcome to MSPtv with Scott and Dee Zepf
  •    [1:01] Remaining Relevant as an MSP
  •    [2:50] Developing Relationships
  •    [5:10] Working with Verticals
  •    [6:00] Internal Business Perspectives
  •    [7:21] Customer Service Relations


MSPtv Episode 15: Cloud Conversation Part 2 - How to Stay Relevant in the Cloud Era

  • Intro
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    • A Conversation with Dee Zepf, VP of Product Management & Technical Services
    • This is part 2 of our Cloud Conversation. Check out Part 1 here!
  • 5 ways MSPs can stay relevant with increased cloud usage:
    1. Adopt a consultative approach, not just technical 
    2. Market brand to clients
    3. Provide business expertise for SMBs
    4. Have a vertical focus and a broad portfolio of options to grow client base and revenue
      • MSPS need to strenghten relationships with SMBs
      • Cloud vendors jeopardize relationship when they approach SMBs
      • MSPs get most of their business through referrals. That trust/bond is important to gain and retain clients!
  • With the cloud, is there still need for technology on premise? 
    • Yes, and there will always be some need for an MSP's technical expertise
    • Important services MSPs must offer include: networking, firewall, device management, and helping with business applications
    • Services in security and compliance now more necessary than ever as regulations increase!
  • Last tip: As cloud usage puts upward pressure on prices, make sure your business is in control of costs and expenses.

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