You understand that data protection is a necessity for any business, but your clients and prospects still aren't buying your backup and disaster recovery (BDR) offering. Maybe they don't fully grasp the risk they're taking by not having any solution in place or perhaps, their current BDR plan doesn't support 24x7x365 business continuity. 

Either way, as their trusted advisor, you know that in order to keep their business profitable, they need to invest in your data insurance policy. Yet, try as you might, you just can't sell them on your BDR service.

Introducing: our Business Continuity Sales Success Kit!

What You Get with Your Business Continuity Sales Success Kit:

Helpful White Paper

In your Business Continuity Sales Success Kit, you'll find Three Steps to BDR Sales Success. With this educational white paper, you'll learn how best to approach and convince prospects of the business case for business continuity! 

Cost of Downtime Worksheet

Your potential clients aren't sold on BDR or business continuity? Do they understand how much an IT crisis or unplanned downtime can cost their business? Being nonoperational means loss of revenue, productivity, and associated recovery costs. With this white-labeled worksheet, you can calculate these unnecessary expenses. Show prospects how they can avoid the cost of downtime at your next meeting!

BDR Infographic

Numbers don't lie, especially when they're conveyed in an eye-catching infographic. Share this easy-to-understand visual on your website, blog, or in prospect email sends to further educate potential customers. Become their managed IT services superhero by teaching them what backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is, what scenarios it helps protect against, and the damages associated with unplanned data loss.

Already a Partner?

Even better—enjoy FULL access to the kit! In this extended version, you'll receive an exclusive collection of white-labeled assets, sales, and marketing tools designed to help you make backup a selling point.

Partner support and enablement is really important to us, and because we're channel-exclusive, we really want to help ALL MSPs. That's why we've taken content created for partners and repurposed into a version that anyone can benefit from. 

Start Selling Your BDR Services Now! Download the Business Continuity Sales Success Kit.