Partner Spotlight: How 3 MSPs Benefit from Continuum’s Integrated RMM and NOC Platform

With the first half of the year coming to a close, it presents a great opportunity to start reevaluating the products, services and contracts for your technology, to decide if they are still the best fit for your business. If you’re a managed services provider (MSP) looking to accelerate business growth and success this year, you might want to consider the benefits of leveraging a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution that is fully integrated with a network operations center (NOC).

Don’t want to take my word for it? Let’s hear from three Continuum MSP partners who have been able to increase efficiency, enhance service delivery and embrace scalability with the help of Continuum’s integrated IT platform.

Benefit #1: Operational Efficiency and Long-Term Growth

One of the main benefits of leveraging an integrated RMM and NOC platform is the ability to increase efficiency and cut down on overlap. One of our MSP partners, ZLan Partners, has experienced this first-hand.

By leveraging Continuum’s powerful combination of software and services, ZLan is able to operate more efficiently, take on new clients with confidence and better-support their growing customer base. The company has achieved an average of 30 to 35 percent growth year over year—and Continuum’s IT management platform continues to play an instrumental role in the organization’s success.

“It makes our jobs much easier knowing that we can always reach out to Continuum for help, and that we have access to technical expertise and resources when we need them,” says Russell Zimny, President at ZLan. “ZLan is about customer success first, and profitability second—and that profitability comes from partnering with organizations like Continuum that really understand how to help their partners succeed.”

Continuum’s platform is built upon our intelligent RMM solution, which significantly reduces the noise and false positives typically generated by other RMM tools and is fully integrated with our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. With the NOC acting as a direct extension of ZLan’s workforce, the company is able to quickly resolve issues and operate more efficiently, which translates into a better experience for their customers.

“There are cheaper RMM solutions available in today’s market, but none come with the strength and support of a knowledgeable NOC,” says John Machacek, ZLan’s Director of Operations. “Continuum’s technicians enable us to provide excellent support for our clients.”

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Benefit #2: Heightened Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

When MSPs fully invest in an integrated RMM and NOC platform, they can provide customers with a premium solution. That means that they can always count on you for their IT support. Let’s use London-based IT solutions provider Pensar as an example. Pensar is now able to offload day-to-day tasks and IT management to Continuum’s NOC, empowering in-house technicians to focus on client relationships and business development.

“Good talent these days is very scarce, but we still need to fulfill client requirements; outsourcing to Continuum helps us do that,” says Mark Williams, CEO at Pensar. “Now, our technicians are building client relationships as much as they’re doing actual technical work.”

Using Elite Server Care, the highest level of RMM support offered by Continuum, technicians at Pensar are able to fully-utilize Continuum’s NOC and dedicated support teams to provide world-class service delivery. And, when it comes to Continuum’s solutions and service offerings, Williams appreciates the fact that the platform is fully integrated and offers valuable and actionable insights the team at Pensar can leverage when working with their customers.

“We really like the fact that Continuum offers an integrated platform,” notes Williams. “My techs can go onto the portal and see pretty much everything across the board that is going on with our clients, the monitoring, status reports and so forth—and it’s great not to have to switch between different systems.”

Overall, Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM and NOC platform enables Pensar to deliver on their promises, exceed expectations and keep their customers happy. Click here for their full story.

Benefit #3: Reliable 24x7x365 IT Support and Scalability

Many of our MSP partners preach the value of leveraging our integrated platform to scale their business. Take it from Gordon Flesch Company, for example—a partner who enjoys the confidence Continuum’s platform provides to bring on new managed IT services customers of any size.

Gordon Flesch was searching for the right technology partnership to help successfully build out the managed IT services branch of its business, and in 2013, the company formed an exclusive partnership with Continuum. Today, Gordon Flesch has full confidence that Continuum’s integrated RMM and NOC platform can enable them to bring on new clients with ease.

“Continuum has the capabilities so I don’t even need to think about scalability,” says Jeff Dotzler, Director, GFConsulting Group, a division of Gordon Flesch Company. “We can go out and land 300 or 400 seat accounts next week and once we’ve on-boarded them, I know and trust that Continuum has it covered.”

Gordon Flesch leverages Elite Server Care, which provides 24x7x365 monitoring and full problem resolution and issue remediation from Continuum’s NOC technicians. With Continuum absorbing day-to-day IT maintenance and resolving a wide variety of technical issues, Gordon Flesch’s in-house staff is free to focus on growing the business.

“We want our people focused on lead development, revenue-generating activities and customer relationships,” says Dotzler. “Continuum takes care of any issues that pop up and ensures that our customers are operating at peak efficiency, and the only way to have that work is to have Elite Server Care for all of our customers.”

“Good technicians are problem solvers,” he adds. “We have some folks who want to take on all of the IT issues and resolve everything themselves, but our mantra is to push everything to Continuum and the NOC—give them an opportunity to solve it remotely, so that our team can focus on things that can’t be done from a distance. Not only does it help us establish good expectations with our customers, but it helps us utilize our own resources as effectively as possible.”

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