Partner Spotlight: How Computer Consultant Team Achieves Balance Between Customer and Technician Satisfaction

For most IT service providers, customer satisfaction and technician satisfaction seem to be in perpetual unbalance. Think of it as a see-saw; when you focus heavily on the customer side by fulfilling their every need, it may cause your internal team to feel overburdened and overworked, leading to costly turnover. On the other side, prioritizing your tech team’s needs over your customers’ could result in spotty IT support and a poor customer experience. So, what’s the key to achieving balance between the two?

Fortunately, one successful MSP has it all figured out. Joe Nardone, President of Computer Consultant Team (CCT), recently sat down with Madison Kocis and Joann Li, two Sales interns from Continuum’s Cranberry Office, to discuss how CCT leverages Continuum’s transformative platform to increase satisfaction for both its customers and its employees.

Who is CCT?

Computer Consultant Team is a Pittsburgh-based IT service provider, offering cloud services, data backup and complete system monitoring to its small- to medium-sized business (SMB) clients. Founded by Joe Nardone nearly two decades ago, CCT supplies their clients with the technology, project work and skills they need to be their trusted advisors.

Before becoming a Continuum partner in December of 2011, CCT struggled with the growing pains of the break-fix model, ranging from off-site visits to struggling to find the right solution. The company sought to find a vendor who could alleviate the challenges they were facing and successfully build out their managed IT services business. After doing his due diligence, Nardone realized how the Continuum platform could empower his business to grow to new heights.

“Continuum was immediately set apart because nobody else was committed to helping my business succeed,” said Nardone. “All the other vendors I looked at weren’t fully invested in what I do. With Continuum, though, I know their success is directly tied to my success—they will do all they can to help my business grow and scale.”

What's the Key to CCT's Success?

CCT leverages Continuum Command, the company’s intelligent remote monitoring and management solution built for MSP growth, as well as Continuum Recover to deliver robust business continuity services to their clients. The solutions are also backed by Continuum’s 700+ Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians, who act as a direct extension of CCT’s workforce and provide 24x7x365 monitoring with proactive troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Since adopting the Continuum platform, CCT has seen major improvements across all spectrums. One notable enhancement for the company’s technicians has been the alleviation of server failures. And, while there have been some technical failures throughout the years, one in particular has stuck with Nardone.

“I’ll never forget: there was a day when we had a specific urgency around a server and everybody was just frantic around getting this problem solved. After about maybe a half an hour of wailing and gnashing of teeth, somebody said ‘is that on the Continuum appliance?’ and I was like ‘Yes, let's spin it up and then we'll go to lunch.’ That was an ‘A-ha!’ moment for many of our staff, knowing we can maybe live normal lives because of these tools,” Nardone said with a chuckle.

Another improvement CCT has seen is a dramatic increase in recurring revenue. Nardone cites that CCT has grown 70 percent, which has allowed the company to experience consistency as well as to provide structured training for its employees.

"Continuum has way more—way more than just as smart people and their organization, whose focus is to help our smart people have the time to manage more infrastructure with the tools they have,” Nardone said about his engineer’s appreciation for being able to complete tasks more efficiently.

Additionally, CCT leverages the Continuum Help Desk, which provides best-in-class level 1 and 2 end client support. With the Help Desk, CCT is seeing upwards of 75 percent ticket resolution before they surfaced, which has helped the company keep their customers satisfied.

As a long-time Continuum partner, CCT has identified Continuum’s superior sense of communication, delivery, and accountability as the primary source of support. Continuum’s proactive approach has allowed CCT to remain one step ahead of their customers’ needs, which has increased overall customer satisfaction and long-term business growth. Ultimately, Continuum’s ability to help educate, train, and supply their partners with products is what has convinced CCT to solidify a symbiotic relationship. 

“The fact that the Continuum’s solution works all the time and the engineers are available shows that they consistently do a great job. They’re constantly looking to improve their internal communication and delivering on value, tools, and interfaces. That’s why I would recommend Continuum to anybody,” Nardone concluded with a smile.

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