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Power Your Mobility Practice with MDM: Mobile Security with a Layered Defense

Posted September 19, 2014by Dawn Farrell

With over 60% of workers today reportedly using a personal device at least once a day and the number of employees using mobile apps in the workplace expected to double in 2015, the need to address and solve enterprise mobility challenges is clearly apparent. On top of these accelerating trends, rapid changes are forcing businesses to confront needs just on the horizon in the form of providing secure corporate content and collaboration, intranet apps & access, and company-wide deployments. 

Organizations of all sizes are seeking answers to these mobility challenges and MSPs have the opportunity to address them with a multi-layered mobile security solution powered by MDM...

Mobile Devices

Securing devices is one of the first layers in many organizations' mobile security strategies, as they often move to embrace just the core mobility management features.  This approach is a start, but not the end-all. A layer that offers dynamic security and compliance features to continuously monitor devices and takes actions is the true first layer of mobile security.


A layer dedicated to securing the sensitive data and content that makes organizations who they are is a critical addition to a mobile security solution.   A solution that empowers users to be able to view, create, edit, save and share content and docs securely in an encrypted container will keep corporate sensitive data safe and users productive on the go.

Enterprise Apps

The current app explosion has a major impact on corporate security vulnerabilities. Organizations are at risk as users’ access apps that may feature malware, unauthorized access, and a lack of encryption that could lead to critical data leaks.  Mobile app management must be layered into a mobile solution so features such as app wrapping, the enforcement of device compliance checks and app-level tunneling ensure data leak prevention, proper security and policy enforcement. 

Corporate Browsing

To reduce vulnerabilities around devices visiting risky websites that could contain malware, violate HR policies or simply waste precious time, you should enable your clients to use a fully-functional web browser that secures access to corporate intranet sites and enforces policy compliance. A true secure browser protects data and increases user productivity, a general win all around.

The Right Mobile Approach for Your Customers

Taking into account the necessary layers of mobile security, equip your MSP portfolio with a secure solution that offers your customers the highest levels of device, content, apps, and browser security. MaaS360 MDM will deliver all these requirements with secure mobile containers and content collaboration, seamless enterprise access, and comprehensive mobile management. MaaS360 MDM combined with Continuum RMM is a win-win solution as you look to manage your client’s mobile environments. Interested in enabling MaaS360 with Continuum? Stop by MaaS360 Booth #9 at Continuum Navigate 2014 to learn more.

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Dawn Farrell is a Channel Marketing Manager for IBM Security and is responsible for driving growth through effective partner marketing programs. Dawn provides marketing materials, best practices and planning expertise to business partners worldwide. Dawn has 10+ years of channel experience and has held leadership positions across marketing and strategy.

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