Redefining Cyber Security: Win SMB Clients with The Right Message

Your clients are the main target of today’s ever-evolving cyber attacks, so why isn’t selling managed security services easier? To effectively market and sell your cyber security offering, you have to change the SMB mindset with the right positioning strategies.

In our recent webinar, Redefining Cyber Security: Win SMB Clients with The Right Message, we walked through cyber security go-to-market tips for MSPs as well as security conversation talking points to ensure SMB clients are on board. Here is a recap of the key takeaways you can leverage in your business.

Going to Market with Cyber Security 

What does it take to nail down your security positioning and messaging? When prospecting or cross-selling to clients, you can refine your message to speak to the SMB mindset around security.

Generally, SMBs assume they’re already protected from cyber attacks— that their basic security protections alone are a strong enough defense. The reality is that with advanced cyber attack methods—like the “spray and pray,” untargeted approach that hits more endpoints and vulnerabilities—MSPs need to not only evolve their strategies to survive, but get client buy-in on them.

It’s helpful to frame the conversation with clients around risk. You can work with them to define acceptable risk and determine what it will take to get to their desired state. Make sure your client sees your relationship as ongoing. If they’re at an unacceptable risk level, you can ensure them that your security services will get them to the acceptable range, and you will maintain that by consistently identifying, prioritizing and mitigating gaps in coverage. This essentially justifies additional costs and opens you up to upsell opportunities down the road in your relationship.

What to Offer

The way you differentiate your offering should directly reflect your client’s needs as they relate to the modern threat landscape. Because a debilitating cyber attack could happen at any time, offering 24x7 monitoring and threat detection, mitigation and remediation services will cement you as the go-to provider of proactive security measures that will keep them within that acceptable risk level.

It’s also crucial that you emphasize that shared ownership across an organization is what makes for a strong security posture. With your cyber security leadership and support, your clients can prevent their employees from falling for phishing scams, for example. Offering ongoing cyber security education and training is another great way to sustain and expand your working relationship.

It all comes down to earning your SMB clients’ trust. Especially if they’re working in verticals that are more regulatory-conscious, you can position your security offering in a way that addresses their concerns. For instance, you can provide them compliance reports. That way, you’ll be putting yourself in the position to retain these high-value clients longer.

Bringing the Security Conversation to Life

Our webinar also focused on key talking points for MSPs working to have productive and successful conversations with clients about security. Asking a series of questions to help the client pinpoint their needs and what it will take to fill gaps can then lead into a security assessment that connects those concepts to the solution you provide. You can simplify well-known data breaches, connecting their root causes and impact to threats your SMB clients may be exposed to. Above all else, clearly explain upfront what your security offering does and does not cover to properly manage client expectations.


To see more example talking points and positioning strategies, check out our webinar on-demand!

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