It’s 2014 and many managed service providers (MSPs) are looking to scale their business. However, this is much easier said than done. Scaling doesn’t just happen automatically, you have to find ways to increase your efficiencies, cut costs and find new ways to sell your services. If you’re struggling with scaling your managed services business, a great option for you might be to use a third-party Network Operations Center (NOC) that is integrated directly with your Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution.

Third-party NOC services are the means by which MSPs can deliver a foundation of services to their customers at fixed costs. When these are integrated with your RMM solution, the NOC can get alerts and remediate with them without any intervention or drain on the MSP’s own resources. This allows them to more easily predict their costs, focus on value-add projects – rather than fire-fighting – and ultimately…grow their business!

In our white paper “Scaling Managed Services with a Third-Party NOC” we give you some important tips for choosing and utilizing a third-party NOC service.


This white paper covers:

  • Definition of third-party NOCs and how they work with MSPs
  • The economic model of conventional versus third-party enabled MSPs
  • Best practices for working with a third-party NOC provider


If you’re interested in scaling your managed services business, and are considering using a third-party NOC, this white paper is a great place to start.


Scaling Managed Services with a Third-Party NOC Partnership
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