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2017 is officially upon us, and as we settle into this new year, you’ve probably had some time to think about the growth goals you’ve set for your MSP business. So how do you make sure you achieve these goals and scale your business in a profitable way? On a recent episode of MSP Radio, we chatted about challenges MSPs face when growing their business, shared some specific strategies MSPs can leverage in 2017 and discussed details on a new eBook that Continuum has made available to help MSPs accelerate growth in the year ahead.

Joe Tavano, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Continuum, joins us as our guest to talk through the details of the new, interactive eBook and how it’s designed to help MSPs take their business to the next level. Here’s what Joe has to say about what’s covered in it:

“We wanted to write an eBook for MSPs who are already successful – MSPs that already have experience under their belt. They’ve done well. They’ve grown already. They’re not exactly the new kids on the block and they’ve already conquered a lot of challenges in their business. But anyone can tell you there are growing pains and there are investments to be made when you’re looking to scale. Traditional growth can be really painful. There are a lot of investments that you need to make into labor and infrastructure that MSPs don’t realize profit on them until much later, which can be dangerous and risky for business. With that in mind, we wrote this book to take on those more common issues that come with scaling and with staffing and to look at it in a different way.”

In other words, this eBook is a guide to help you stop working in your business and start working on your business. But what are the common challenges MSPs are facing in the year ahead and how can they overcome them? According to Joe, there are three major issues all MSPs face during a time of growth. Here’s his brief breakdown of one of them:

“I think staffing is one of the biggest challenges for MSPs. It’s really one that is approached from different ways. As managed services become more commoditized, those key differentiators are the skill sets of your team and the ability to meet the demands of your clients better than your competition. If you can’t find the right people in your area, you will lose business. In this book, we tackle what’s called the X+1 problem, where you take on more staff and then all of the sudden they may be underworked. If you don’t hire them, your existing staff may be overworked. So how do you meet that demand and build a profitable business when you’re taking on the cost of hiring new employees and training them? The growth of your business ends up looking like a staircase, when it could look like a ramp with a fully-managed approach.”

To learn more about reorganizing your team, ramping up operations and increasing productivity, head on over to and tune in to our latest episode!


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