It's getting more dangerous out there! The cold, hard truth is that today’s threat landscape isn’t getting quieter; in fact, cybercriminals are getting smarter. Just consider the three V’s (Volume, Velocity and Variety) that characterize the current endpoint security environment:

The 3 V's of IT


In 2014, the industry saw 140 million new threats, equivalent to almost 400K new threats every single day. No wonder it’s tough to keep up!


As quickly as threats appear, they disappear (phishing sites often vanish within 8 hours.) Traditional security is reactive, like creating vaccines for known flu strains. But how do you block threats you haven’t seen before?


Today’s threats are not your garden-variety viruses; these sophisticated, complex threats are purpose-built for criminal activity, primarily to steal identities and deliver big payoffs for their perpetrators.

“Know your enemy” is particularly good advice for solution providers selling or delivering security solutions; you must first understand the threat dynamic to decide which security solutions to recommend. As the three V’s clearly illustrate, today’s landscape requires a proactive approach to defend against both known and unknown threats.

Choose Your AV Weapon Wisely

Let’s face it, “same old, same old” just won’t cut it when you’ve got to select an endpoint security solution for use in today’s increasingly toxic threat landscape. With the sophistication and complexity of threats at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that old-school AV solutions are coming up short. Keep the following factors in mind when choosing your AV weapon:

  • Traditional security solutions—those based on signature or definition files—are an inadequate defense. Sixty percent of organizations that rely on this technology are still getting infected (yep, 60%). For a solution provider that translates into a whole bunch of unhappy customers...
  • A truly effective solution must provide real-time protection against evolving threats. When all is said and done, organizations are trusting solution providers (whether Resellers or Managed Service Providers) to proactively safeguard their operations against malicious cyber activity arising from both known and unknown threats. They want results, not excuses.

Who’s Got Your Back?

Some endpoint security solution vendors seem perfectly content to settle for the status quo...but Webroot isn’t one of them. We recognized that the traditional AV approach was fundamentally broken, and the industry as a whole was failing to provide the protection required against modern threats. It was clear that we needed to do things completely differently to win this war, and that’s why we developed a solution that:

  • Leverages the cloud (no onsite hardware required)
  • Installs a tiny, <10MB client (no impact on user productivity)
  • Doesn’t rely on signatures (no management hassles)
  • Delivers real-time protection against known and unknown threats (no problems protecting against even the latest and nastiest stuff out there)

Because our fundamental goal is to watch our partners’ backs and help them outsmart the bad guys, we also designed the Webroot Channel Edge program to provide the tools needed to understand today’s threat landscape and how our solutions uniquely combat threats. We explain how partners can grow their businesses with our attractive margins and incentives programs. The bottom line? We’re committed to helping our partners protect the clients that rely on them...and do it in a very profitable way. Click here to learn more!

To learn about the benefits of Webroot Business Endpoint Security, stop by the Webroot booth at Navigate 2015 in Las Vegas!

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