Is it just me, or did February pass by in the blink of an eye? As we (quickly) approach the end of Q1, let’s take a look back at this past month’s top content that has helped our readers grow and scale their MSP business.

In this roundup, there’s a clear emphasis on cyber security—from testing your knowledge, to effectively selling it to customers and prospects. Also featured are helpful sales tips and confessions from a former technician. Keep reading to check out all five blog posts our readers couldn’t get enough of this February!

Can You Spot the 6 Security Flaws in This Photo?


As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, so too does the sophistication of cyber attacks. We’re all aware of the ongoing work that needs to be done to keep sensitive information safe from hackers and stay ahead of the threat landscape, but there’s another side to the coin, and that’s physical security.

Many offices don't enforce best practices for physical information security, and frankly may just not be aware of them. As their MSP, your job is to educate them on these best practices, both from a technology standpoint and from a physical standpoint.

So, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Can you find the six security flaws in this picture?

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How NOT to Write a Sales Email


I receive a number of sales emails and correspondence throughout any given week. Some pique my interest, some I just brush off and ignore. But I received one the other day that was just plain BAD!

Upon first glance, the email copy may not seem as horrendous. Below, however, I share and dissect the message to show MSPs how NOT to write a sales email and provide tips for your next prospect send!

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Four Questions to Ask Prospects During Your Security Pitch: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]


Selling security can be tricky, especially during initial conversations where your prospects may not fully understand the importance of protecting their IT infrastructure. Fortunately, the right discovery questions can help you drive the conversation forward and uncover the right pain points to address via your service offerings. In this episode of The Weekly Byte, we outline four important questions to ask every prospect when selling security.

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Confessions of a Formerly Burned-Out Technician


I started my IT career as a technician, originally working in a high volume call center-type help desk, and then later moving to a desktop support/system admin position for a local IT company closer to home. Within a few years, I found myself at a dead end with no vertical movement within the company. I was not learning anymore, as each person had a niche and refused to train anyone else on that product, which left me and my fellow technicians feeling rather bored with large gaps in our trainings. I enjoyed my job, but my growth was stagnant, and I wasn't being challenged with any new issues. Can any of you relate?

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The Financial Consequence of a Cyber Attack is Worsening [CHART]


Virtually every business today fears falling victim to cyber attack. This (rational) fear stems from not only the loss of productivity or sensitive information, but also for the financial burden it puts on the business—even well after the attack has been carried out. According to a study by Ponemon Institute and Accenture, the average annual number of security breaches increased almost 30 percent in 2017. But what financial consequences could these cyber security incidents have for your clients and prospects?

A better understanding of the cost of cyber crime could help SMB business owners bridge the gap between the escalating number threat actors and the investments they should make to secure their business. If you’re looking to effectively start the security conversation with prospective clients, here are some compelling statistics that speak to the immediate need for managed security services.

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