When coming up with a backup solution, focus on finding an option that reduces your client’s downtime and risk of data loss. Your clients rely on you to keep their data properly protected, but you may be making major mistakes with your current backup strategy. As a result, your clients could get burned!

Take a look at the SlideShare below to see which five mistakes MSPs make with their backup plans and the impact these oversights have on small-to-medium-sized clients. 

Key takeaway:

Data backup is only a piece in the overall business continuity puzzle, so pairing both backup and recovery will ensure that your clients are completely covered with a high-level solution. For the ideal offering, look for one that is backed by a Network Operations Center (NOC) that acts as an extension of your team to provide clients with 24x7x365 support. Your goal is to protect your clients’ data and keep them covered in the event of backup failure, a malicious event, human error, etc. By offering a fully-managed BDR platform, you can ensure that your clients won’t get burned!

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